Mirena after breast cancer

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Hi all! After some advice please.  Has anyone had a Mirena again after Bc and treatments.  My cancer was HER2 positive grade 3 and I had a lumpectomy, two rounds of chemo, 6 weeks of rad may 2016.  I had menopause symptoms up until about three months ago. Period has returned Yay! And is arriving every two weeks.  I am 41, have two kids and want to avoid having anymore.  All along I have been told I cannot have any type of contraception due to the type of cancer I had.  After recently seeing a women's health Doctor she has said a mirena will be ok as the progestone hormone is contained in the uterus and not transferred through the body and my cancer was p negative.  She has conversed with my oncologist and surgeon and they have now agreed it will be ok.  Hubby is not keen but also will not have the snip.  At the moment we are just using good luck so am sure that is not going to end well


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    Get the knife out - so much easier for him - a quick job and no problems after !!!!!
    I hear of a lot of problems with the Mirena so maybe it is time he took the plunge and the responsibility for a change  ???
    Summer  :)
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    Hi @rene2476, I just had a Mirena removed last week after experiencing a range of symptoms since January when I got it, including acne along my jaw line and a patch of hair that seemed to be a bit thin near my hair line.  

    I also had ongoing bleeding and felt very anxious a lot of the time. Some women have a lot of success with using the Mirena. My cancer was er+ and pr+, so the thought of having progesterone pumped into my body became a worry. They say it’s mostly localised, yet the symptoms are systemic. I’m not sure it doesn’t pump around your body and I read that when you have it removed your estrogen spikes as you no longer have the Mirena to counteract it which makes sense. 

     I feel much better now and it’s only been a week. I might have to have a hysterectomy, but it will be better than my experience with the Mirena. All the best with your decision. It’s such a pain having ongoing bleeding after breast cancer. You could try it as it is very easy to have removed. I’m so over treatments of any kind. 
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    Hi @rene2476, I was all ready to go ahead with a mirena when I was diagnosed.  My bc is progesterone and oestrogen positive so was told get off the pill and don't have the mirena. If you have the go ahead from surgeon, oncologist and gp I'd be going for it. As @Summerhill38 said it would certainly be easier for your hubby to step up to the plate and it would be far easier for him than for you but unless you do actually attack him in the night looks like it is up to you -  or you could always threaten abstinence until he gets the chop

    Best of luck with whatever you decide. Let us know how you get on. Xx Cath

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    Well Id be looking at tubal ligation which is much bigger than vasectomy. It just doesn't seem fair your husband won't do this...what's his reasoning? foes he want more children. Scared of needles...frightened of becoming impotent.? Maybe you need a conversation around why. Personally you've been through enough and it doesn't seem fair it's up to you. Condoms you do get used to. I did for 5 years after my 1st child until 3rd. 
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    18 years ago I agreed at the request of a gynaecologist to have theexperimental ,at that stage,  Mirena IUD as I was unable to take progesterone tablets and was refused further oestrogen patches for extreme early onset menopause unless I did. I had to sign some serious documents under the Therapeutic Goods Act to access this experimental product and pay $275 for it .I had it inside me for 3+months  after which I insisted on it’s removal. I had major oedema in my lower legs which made it difficult to get my trousers on and sometimes cried at night because of the discomfort.I felt like the Bridgestone woman.I was told by the specialist I’d be back begging for a hysterectomy within a few months - I was pregnant with twin boys instead who are now 17. I was astounded after their birth to be recommended by my lovely obstetrician this wonderful new product Mirena. I relayed my earlier experience , declined and my husband had a vasectomy- I was 47.I would not recommend that product but everyone’s body is different so I would urge you to research carefully.My husband was not keen on the snip but I made the point I had done my bit and it was his turn - he was scared  but did it and was quite relieved to realise all was still in working order afterwards.
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    When I was diagnosed in June this year I had had a mirena in for 18 months. My bc surgeon insisted it was removed ASAP as she said she believes it contributed to my cancer. My OB has said I will never be able to use anything like that again ( tamoxifen should put me into menopause anyway) and definitely can’t use any other hormone type drugs etc. I hadn’t had any problems with in while it was in. I did have to have it surgically removed in theatre though as the cord had flipped backwards and couldn’t be felt while I was awake. I wouldn’t go ahead with it and would encourage your husband to research having a vasectomy.
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