Should One Be Concerned

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Hi all, I am thinking while I am waitingto see the oncol and start treatment , should I be concerned or is it part of the procedure? Shazx


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    One should be concerned. Perhaps to paraphrase an ex PM, alert but not alarmed. We are designed to get anxious when we are under threat, in theory anxiety declines as threat recedes. Mmm. That can take a while with BC. Good luck. Margxxx
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    Thanks Shazx
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    If you have an appointment time all good. If you haven't give them a call. Whilst I saw an oncologist in Adelaide quickly. My transfer to my home town got a bit lost so it was lucky I called them. 
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    Thanks Primek, I was told of another lady where I use work has breast cancer last week diagnosed and starting chemo Monday . That got me thinking while waiting does the cancer spread? This lady is also private patient guess that makes a difference too I guess. 
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    If there is something I have learnt through this, it is question everything.
    Dont just accept that everything will go as it should.
    For the most part no one minds you asking just to make sure you understand or are reassured that everything is being taken care of.
    This is your life here at stake, do what you need to to feel that everything is being done to take the very best care of you.

    Sometimes you might get in quicker to a private hospital, it depends how many are already booked in ahead of you and how many chairs they have in the chemo ward.
    For the most part it shouldn't make a difference for a week or two but if you are concerned, ring and ask!
    I have learnt that this is the time to become very proactive about your health.

    Mind you, I did become completely beside myself if someone didn't ring back with an appointment as they said they would, or if the specialist was delayed by more than about 1/2 hour.
    I ended up taking a Valium before each appointment at the first few, my husband was with me to keep everything on track, but I couldn't function without it.
    Now I am much better, 10 months on, but it is quite normal to fear that time is going to matter.

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    Thank you so much for your advice at the moment i am just going along with these doctors hoping they know what they are doing? But i am the same as you if i dont hear from them i get real nervous!!!! Whats th ebest advice you can give as our lives are in thier hands as you said if unsure who and where do we turn to? Shazx
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    Hello @ShazS,
    It can be nerve wracking waiting for Doctors appointments, don't forget that you can call the  BCNA helpline on 1800 500 258.  We are here Monday to Friday from 9 am till 5 pm and on Tuesday and Thursdays evenings until 9 pm.  We have a breast care nurse and cancer nurses that you can speak with if you have any concerns.  
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    @ShazS as said by Giovanna above, the BCNA helpline.
    I also contacted my breast care nurse and she followed up on appointments and even made one for me at the GP in a hurry when I needed one.
    Mine was also great at calming the panic when I needed. A voice of reason and presented things I had never even thought of, and I thought I was well read up.
    They are the best for asking about issues after surgery, recommending where to buy prosthesis and bras -someone I didn't know existed and came to my house. And just for checking if something is normal.
    Sometimes the receptionist at the specialists office can be another fantastic reference point. When I was waiting for the Oncologist office to ring back with my first appointment after surgery, and it had been all day, I rang back to them in a state and she followed up for me.
    The Oncologist office rang back within minutes. Sometimes they forget how wired we are.

    During chemo, my go to person was the Pharmacist at the hospital, he gave me his email address and I contacted him about side effects and how to deal with them.
    This was private hospital though, I don't know how that would work in a public hospital.
    The phone number for the chemo nurses is the number to go to for worries about infection, side effects, temperatures rising or other chemo issues. They are usually available 24 hours a day.

    And, of course if you are really worried and can't find anyone else, the emergency department at the local hospital. They will often contact your specialist if required, and I have always been treated quickly and with compassion. Cancer patients have quite high priority depending on where you are in your treatment.

    Dont hesitate to use any or all of the options available to you.
    The idea is not to battle this out by yourself, no one gets a medal for doing that.
    There are a lot of resourses out there for you, and they need to be used to keep you as calm and focussed on just getting well as you can, and in some cases too, if they aren't used, they will not be there in future.
    Take care of you, Jennie

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    Just remember all our treatment is tailored for us. The lady you heard of may have had a large aggressive tumour that required early chemo and surgery later. Mine was an aggressive tumor but small and surgery was done first. All unique. They usually like chemo to start between 3 and 6 weeks after surgery. 
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    Oh okay didn't think of that so true we are all different .Thanks Shazx
  • ShazSShazS Member Posts: 131
    Thanks Jennie I like to ask you ladies questions as your experiences shed a new light on things and stuff I never thought of either I really appreciate you all and the on going support thanks to all who respond to help out in any way. We are new to this and times it's so overwhelming half the time I don't know how to feel or what to think. All good Shazx
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    Please feel free, ShazS, that is what we are here for, and hopefully all this information that we have had to learn over the year/s and never wanted to know may be made useful helping others.
    There has to be some positives come out of this whole experience.
    Keep asking, it is a rocky path we tread.
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