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Hi, just wanted to introduce myself to the group. I've been posting in the general forum for some time already. I was diagnosed in January with stage 2 grade 2 ER+ PR+ HER- large multifocal IDC to the right breast. I had a mastectomy with axillary clearance, zero nodes involved. I had 6 cycles TAC chemo, 6wks radiotherapy and now starting hormone therapy for 10yrs and will be participating in the Pallas trial.

I have been reading some of your very inspiring posts but its taken a while to come in and say hi. I've always been a christian, though I'll admit I should go to church, but don't and I swear too much. Yes, I'm a sinner, but the Holy Spirit resides in my heart. I have dealt relatively well with my diagnosis and treatment because I know I'm not alone and that cancer is just a very small part of Gods plan for me. I sometimes struggle, but I know if I have faith all will be revealed to me. My partner is not a Christian and doesn't understand that my fairh is all that has kept me from breaking down at times, so I mostly keep my spirituality to myself and pray alone. I believe God intended for faith to be shared in communities, so it's nice to read posts from other Christians on the bc journey with me. God bless.


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    Hi @Molly001 I am sorry this is just showed up when I came in here tonight ... groups dont give us notifications like the general forum. 
    Glad to see you have found as this is a wonderful forum for all those affected by BC to share.... 

    I have struggled at times since my diagnosis and I see a good therapist now who is helping me deal with the changes that BC has brought into my life. 
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    Thanks for your reply @SoldierCrab I am seeing my GP on Monday to get a referral to a therapist. I'm struggling a bit to find my new normal and everything is requiring more time and patience than I would like! Faith has kept me strong and eased my anxieties along the way, but having someone impartial to talk to seems logical at this point.

    Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4
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    Hi @Molly001
    Welcome to our group. Must say that I really appreciate this group. It is great to have a group of people that I can talk to who not only are experiencing the "walk of BC" but also share my faith in God.
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    Hi everyone, Just wanted to share a couple of things I experienced recently following my surgery on 21st December.
    A member of my extended family (my nephew who got married last weekend, his now father-in-law) was praying for me before my operation & this verse came to him which he passed onto my sister to give to me:
    Deuteronomy 33:27
    The eternal God is your refuge,
        and underneath are the everlasting arms.
    He will drive out your enemies before you,
        saying, ‘Destroy them!’
    I was overwhelmed that this man, who was not yet part of my family, was praying for me & supporting me through this time. I had only met him once before the wedding.
    Also, my brother-in-law, who is a minister, has a women who attends his church who often prays for people, many of who, like me, she hasn't met or doesn't even know. When she heard of my breast cancer, she was praying for me on the day of my operation & had a vision of Jesus standing over me on the right side of my bed. She often feels the presence of Jesus through her prayers but this time she could see him by my side. When my sister told me this story, I knew I would be OK. I was again overwhelmed that this lady prayed for me but I was instantly calmed & even though I hadn't received my results yet following my operation, I knew I would get through & that my surgery would be successful which I later found out it was. This lady has also given my sister a meditation DVD to give to me.
    I am very humbled by the support & prayers of people who I don't know, my family & my friends on this forum. My surgery outcome has been so good compared to many of you.  At this moment, I am sitting by the phone waiting for the surgeon to ring me & tell me the results of the medical meeting to determine my next course of action & if I need to have radiotherapy or no further treatment. If I do, then I know it is what I need medically & I will know that there are people out there praying, loving & supporting me. 
    This whole experience is life changing & very humbling.
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    @Anne65 God is wonderful and mysterious. I have had people far and wide, strangers as well, pray for me also. It is humbling, comforting and powerful. Adversity certainly brings us closer to Him. Whatever your results, you are being looked after!
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    God always walks with us even through the fires.....  I knew when I got my diagnosis that it was just a diagnosis not a death sentence so to speak. God had people in my life who helped in many ways prayer, practical things and friendships. 
    I have since helped others in similar circumstances. 

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    @Molly001, I used to live under condemnation (not knowing this came from the devil) that I am a sinner and never good enough. Yet i was a self righteous legalistic religious christian like the religious leaders of Jesus' days. God has been peeling off layers like an onion since and showing me gently and patiently the areas of my life that need to be given to Him. One thing I learnt is that God loves each of us the same, never less never more and His love for you will never change no matter how good or how bad we think we are. That's the amazing unconditional love of the Lord. He loves you with an everlasting love. When we know (with our heart not with our head) how much He loves us, it will change us without effort. We don't have to strive to change but because of His love, we change.

    I have a Christian husband. But we are not on the same spiritual page. He does not empathsize with me, nor does he prays with me. He does not agree with me many things about God. So I can't share with him much. I share more with my Christian sisters who can understand me and pray with me. Even today, when I had my port removal surgery done, my husband who was on carer's leave, went for tennis, massage, a nap instead of showing me the care that a husband would. My heart was broken. BUT in such situations, it is where God shows me that man will disappoint, but He wont'. IF not for all the close ones who disasppointed me, I would not have run to God and draw close to Him. So I am very thankful that things happen the way they did. Because I have never been so close to God all my christian life.

    I want to say that God's Word is the most important. Jesus says man shall not live on bread alone but on every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. God's word heals, delivers, prospers, bless. IF we know the truth, the truth will set us free. It's knowing the truth (with our heart) (revelation from God) as we seek and read and meditate on His Word that will set us free, from fear, from sickness, from poverty, from lies of the devil, etc...

    I encourage you to look up Andrew Wommack 'God wants you to be well' on Youtube. He puts up tons of teachings free for Christians. I was set free by listening to his teachings of God's word over and over again. Another one is Prophet TB Joshua. Look him up and see the reality of God yourself and be strengthened in your faith as you watch the countless healing and deliverance testimonies.  Also charles capps, kenneth hagin, john lake and Oral Roberts. Their lives and teachings will blow you away in the faith of the Lord. Be blessed. Audrey xxx
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    Thank you @au0rei lovely lady. My dear Nanna's name was Audrey! I do see my diagnosis as a blessing in many ways. Big changes have occurred in my heart and mind and I see things differently than before. I now very much see this life as the blink of an eye that it is and a stepping stone to my true home. I've never felt I had a real purpose in life, but I'm beginning to see God has wonderful things ahead for me and this has given me the wisdom to see a certain relationship in my life is toxic. I'm praying every day for guidance and courage to shed this person's influence from my life in one way or another. God keeps telling me to be patient, humble and to trust him and his plan for me. I know he's in no rush to change my life just yet as my heart needs to change in ways that please him. My struggles are for my growth and progression towards him. God bless you also.
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    Amen @Molly001 change must start with our heart first then it will adjust externally. :)
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    I love your description of cancer as something that makes God feel close. It's so easy to rely on ourselves, and to try to rely on those close to us, when God is, and should always be, our strength and refuge, our closest relative/friend, and our response should always be trust in him, no matter what is happening -- oh for faith that this will always be my reaction! You've encouraged me to strive again to spend more time reading my bible and contemplating what he wants in my life. :)
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    @Molly001 ; such at beautiful piece 

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    @SoldierCrab is it possible to share this with everyone here in this group? xxx
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    @au0rei anyone who is a member can see it when they log into the group .... 
    But can you please make it a new post this post was for new members. 

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