Walking Challenge update

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Week one   

24 days to go

BCNA Walking Challenge kicked off on Monday and 55 teams have started their virtual journey from San Sebastian to Cape Finisterre along El Camino.

San Sebastian, Spain (top left)
A resort town in the mountainous Basque Country. It’s known for Playa de la Concha and Playa de Ondarreta, beaches framed by a picturesque bayfront promenade, and world-renowned restaurants helmed by innovative chefs.                               

Ossès, France (top right)
A small town in France surrounded by low hills in the Ossès valley, a part of the valley of the river Nive, home of the pottok and the wild Basque horse. The air was described as coming 'straight from heaven' by a local poet.

Ascain, France (bottom)

Ascain is a commune in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. The southern tip of the commune touches the border with Spain at the peak of Larrun mountain.

Challenge update

Collectively we have already covered 3,947.48km, which is equivalent to walking from Perth to Sydney. Congratulations to everyone who is taking part in this challenge and taking steps towards improving their health and fitness goals and a special mention to this week’s top three teams Pink Divas, Splash and Chat Girls and Energizers.

Introducing Heather

Heather Christmas was diagnosed with early breast cancer in 2009 and in 2013 underwent serious spinal surgery to relieve severe nerve pain that had disabled from being able to walking much further than a few hundred meters at a time. As part of her rehabilitation from breast cancer treatment and spinal surgery Heather was instructed to walk. Heather took this opportunity and quite literally ’walked’ with it.

‘I decided that I needed to utilise my new gift of being able to walk and so I did.’

Since 2013 Heather has walked all over the world. As part of BCNA’s Inspired Adventures Heather has walked The Great Wall of China and El Camino along a similar route we are now walking virtually.

Here are some of Heather’s motivational tips.

  • Plan a walk that you know that you can achieve – either out and back or a circuit.
  • Build in a “carrot” e.g. coffee at the half way point or at the end. Reward yourself. Check out areas that you have never visited, e.g. walking trails, rail trails, or even walk past a lot of houses in a really nice area.
  • Smile at people while walking and you will find people smile back. This is good for your soul.
  • Consider setting yourself future goals such as the Carmen’s Women’s Fun Run (walk). Start with shorter distances and consider increasing your distances.
  • Sign up to a BCNA Inspired Adventure. Being involved in an Inspired Adventure is therapeutic, challenging and rewarding. You get to meet and make friends with ladies who have travelled a breast cancer journey but who have then chosen to become stronger and more positive people.
‘It takes courage to commit to a challenge. Walking El Camino is a great path forward after going through a breast cancer diagnosis and all the treatments.’

Remember change takes time, especially change in habits and activity. Making any lifestyle change can be challenging it is important to recognise where you want to get to. You can do this by creating an achievable goal. Goals give you direction, they keep you focused and motivated, and increase your chances of achieving things.

For more on goal setting and tips on how to stay motivated see 10 of BCNA’s Exercise and breast cancer information booklet. Download the booklet here or call 1800 500 258 to order.


We are excited to announce that we have some great prizes up for grabs for winning teams, the participant who fundraises the most as well as weekly spot prizes for those who consistently log their steps. Prizes include Magellan Echofit smart watches, BCNA merchandise, Yoga at home DVD kit, recipe books, baking kits, Clinique
products and more.     


We hope everyone has now received their pedometers and has registered on the Get On Track website and begun tracking their steps.  If you are having difficulty, would like assistance with this process or have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or on 1800 500 258.

Happy Walking!

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