A New Plan !?

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After not being completely happy about having treatment at one hosp. & seeing the onc. at the other I now have it all arranged to suit me (I hope!!) at the one hosp. close to me. I met my new oncologist today & she is nice.... straightforward   ...but nice. Got a whole lot more information from her than I did the other week. She has a different plan to act on  (now TAC)  & she went through all the reasons for the different plan & why she thinks it is a good idea ( my GP said I would get on with her) she is very clear & concise & explained everything. It really is down to the old story of....if your not happy/comfortable then speak up & find the person that is right for you. Not that this doctor has pandered to my whims or anything like that,in fact she is quite direct.... but then thats the sort of person I need ...someone with clear ideas who can explain them to me & why she has chosen this treatment.    So its off to Fiji on Monday for 10 nights with the girls then back & into it.    Although the thought of Chemo is terrifying, the thought of cancer coming back is more terrifying & I must do everything to make sure that doesn't happen .....my littlest baby is only 8 yrs old ( I know he's not a baby !!!)   & he has promised to still give me his special hugs till he is old...... I tell him that its better medicine than any doctor can give me.