Tasmanian's attend the Field in 2010

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Over two months have passed by since I attended the 2010 Field of Women. My husband accompanied me and I was contacted by our local ABC radio while walking onto the Field. They were requesting a live radio interview - something which I had never done in my life and I felt quite daunte.

The radio interview went successfully out- live- and ended up by them asking if they could talk to me a few days later to see what had occurred at the event and how it had affected me.

The evening - as we all know was great, and the others I met were all so bright, cheery and friendly. I had made a sign and women whom I had never met before supported me in holding it up high through the evening (unitl it dissolved with the heavy rain!).

On my return to Launceston the interview went ahead and I was able to fully explain the wonderful support and emotionally charged event that it was.

On looking through the wonderful photos I see where we stood, near the feet, and am so very proud, humble and sincerely grateful to have been part of such a terrific "show".

I was 5+ years (5yrs 11 months) then I am now 6+ and plan to be around a lot longer, living laughing and appreciating.