Good Friday

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What does it mean to have a faith and celebrate our Saviour's Death on Good Friday in the midst of dealing with Breast Cancer? 
Does having Breast Cancer nullify the promises of God? 
How do you feel at this time when you are going through the roller coaster of treatment? 

I am grateful for the faith I have it has seen me through the good and bad things that are a part of life... 
My God never fails me. 

May we be able to reflect on His choice to save us. 

Soldier Crab 


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    Hi Soldier Crab, Easter is 7 years from when I had my bilateral mastectomy. It starts about a week or two out with phantom pains etc. I found my faith sustained me during my treatment and the Easter period is a time to reflect on how much pain Jesus suffered for me so that I could have external life. My breast cancer has been a blessing and a burden and one I am happy to share with Jesus. Blessings to you. Kylie
  • SoldierCrabSoldierCrab Bathurst NSW Member Posts: 2,469
    yes it sure does @toc 
    HE has given me the strength at times when I didn't want the roller coaster ride anymore. 
    Blessings right back at you Kylie 
    Alice xoxo 

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