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Hi everyone
I'm scheduled to have my ovaries removed next week as it's not definite whether I've gone through menopause or not.  I just wanted to know if there is anyone who has had this done & what I can expect. Will I need to have someone come & stay with me for the week after the operation? How long should I expect to be off work? Pain etc.  Pretty annoyed having to do this now, I've been feeling good again.  Thank you


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    I had mine out just before Christmas. There was a fair bit going on, health wise, for me then, but I had very little trouble. I'm assuming you are having keyhole surgery?
    They use a gas to inflate your abdominal cavity during the op. You'll be warned that you might have some pain associated with that. Unlikely as it seems, this pain often presents itself in your right shoulder, which is why it's called 'shoulder tip pain'. It sort of sneaks up and is quite nasty but harmless. If you are a pain relief person like myself, take a pill.
    You can expect some farting and general soreness. You'll also get a bit of a period if there is any viable lining left in your uterus. Take a pad or two. No tampons.
    They use disolvable stitches now. Keep an eye on those. Technically they should all be buried below your skin, but some surgeons can be lazy. If there are ends left sticking out they can drive you nuts because they won't resolve. Get someone to have a tug at them ( GP or BC Nurse) if they are still scratchy after about three weeks.
    Do watch the wound in your navel. It will be the largest and will probably have some surface stitches. Your belly button is a bugger of a thing to keep dry and the stitches may pull a bit. 
    Apart from the first couple of days of discomfort, I had no real problems and certainly didn't need someone looking after me. All the usual warnings apply. No lifting, stretching, or playing footy. if you have a week's leave up your sleeve take it, I find the anaesthetic knocks me around more than the op. If you have a sympathetic workplace maybe take three days with the option to come back for a couple of half days.
    Like you I was that close to menopause it was difficult to tell, but I did find the night sweats kicked up a notch. I'll blame the ovaries, but it could have been the chemo.
    Good luck. Marg
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    Hi, I had an oopherectomy (as well as a bilateral salpingo - removal of both fallopian tubes); and polypectomy a week ago following an internal ultrasound that showed a polyp and something rather weird going on with my left fallopian tube. Came out of the blue as I had no symptoms (but that's quite common) but because of my BC history and being on Tamoxifen, the gynae acted quickly. It was a day procedure. I had two insertions on the left side and the tummy button one for the camera. These were stitches that the surgeon removed 5 days later.

    Luckily, I didn't experience much shoulder soreness but was very bloated for a few days. I was pretty tired and used Panadol and Tramadol (just for the first 2-3 days) for any discomfort. So, as Marg said, if you can take a week, it's a good idea - the general anaesthetic also made we woosy for a good 3 days afterwards.

    TBH - the discomfort in my belly felt more like I'd been kicked in the guts and had just done 1000 situps.

    So far, the sweats aren't any worse than what I've been experiencing on Tamoxifen anyway and it's good to at least be able to tick off any other cancers - like ovarian - that can be linked to BC.

    The results were in a couple of days after the surgery. Luckily, I was all clear, hope you are too.

    Good luck with it - rest, take it easy and as Marg said, take the painkillers to alleviate any discomfort.
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    Hello Lush,

    I had everything removed and prolapse repairs four weeks ago due to issues caused by Tamoxifen.

    I had mine laproscopically but was told depending on past caesar may need to go abdominally, this didn't eventuate.

    I was in hospital for six days as I had spikes in temps.  I had a large bleed in recovery but there is a loss but not like a period, after a couple of days pantyliners were enough four weeks later still need them.  

    The pain wasn't too bad they will give you good meds. The pain was worse when needing to pass wind I could actually feel it moving through my intestines..  

    My sister stayed for a couple of days, I didn't really need the help more to reassure her I was OK.

    My specialist said I had to have six weeks of work.  I thought I would be fine to go back after two weeks but he certainly knows his stuff, I was not ready. Just be aware that come week two - three you may become very teary and emotional it may get you by surprise, think it is a combination of surgery, not sure of pathology and not being able to do what you normally would.  

    I was told no driving until pain free, no lifting more than 5 kgs but physio said no more that 2kg, 20 minute walks on flat ground.

    Just think when it is done no more chance of ever getting Ovarian Cancer!

    Good luck and hope all goes well.


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    Thanks ladies. Every bit of information helps