We all need to think of ourselves like this ...

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    I just saw this on Facebook. I love it. I'm still trying to find the new normal/new me during all this but am so amazed at the inner strength I have found being dealth this hand in life and all that comes with it. 
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     I look in the mirror and get very confused. I am also coming to terms with the new me. Although my hair has regrown it is not a style I would have chosen.I have been in treatment since last April almost finished.I have also have had ups and downs.I think my inner strength has grown by accepting what has happened and just going along for the ride. I do not have guilt or why me? It just is.
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    It takes time for our bodies to readjust to the roller coaster..... only now 4 years later is my hair anywhere near what it was before chemo.... I have steel grey hair now but I have coloured it. I have a wave I never had before but it was like curly steel wool when it came back originally after chemo.  I am amazed at how I got through the chaos of TNBC and I would encourage you both to be patient with your body and hair and even your emotions. 

    hugs and energy