Advise needed

Hi , I'm just in early stages of Chemotherapy, and my partner wants to visit he's son in Thailand.. I'm concerned If he brings back any sickness etc , I could be at risk ! Am I over thinking ? 
Worried x 


  • Zoffiel
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    Personally, I'd be quarantining myself from anyone who had recently been on an international flight, regardless of where they had been travelling.  I'm more scared of the flu than tropical diseases and aircraft are the great incubators of the sky .

    It's reasonable to be concerned as you are comprised, talk to your oncologist about the times in your chemo cycle that you are most at risk and what they think are sensible precautions for you to take. Seems a shame for your partner to miss his trip, there may be better or worse times for him to go.
  • AllyJay
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    I'm more cautious when visiting my GP for repeat scrips. That waiting room is a regular petri dish of bugs. Snotty nosed children, coughing and sneezing all over the place...adults licking their fingers then turning the pages of magazines....(shiver...). I wear pants with pockets when in shopping centres, (and the aforementioned waiting room), and keep both hands in them so I don't touch germ infested surfaces. I use my elbows on the rail of the travellators and to push lift buttons. As Zoffiel says, any human is a potential for infection, regardless of where they've come from in the world. Take reasonable precautions at all times when out and about, as well as at home.
  • Cate64
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    @Michellebella I myself traveled to PNG on a cruise ship (which is generally a haven of germs) between Chemo cycles 4 & 5. I was vigilant & made sure I washed my hands etc.

    I was fine, picked up no bugs at all......
  • primek
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    I'd have him sleep in a spare room maybe for a day or 2 until you sure he is well . I did get extra cautious as I live with 3 teenagers and my husband. I had disinfectant wipes in the loo to wipe down surfaces. Washed my hands a lot. Carried special toilet wipes when out and always had a mini hand antibacterial bottle with me when out. It's just being cautious. I still went to public pools but the outpatients area was my most stressful place. The supermarket was second but I always used the wipes they provided and did the trolly and antibacterialed my hands. I never picked up even a cold in the 6 months despite it running through my household twice.
  • Afraser
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    To be honest, the only germs, I picked up during chemo were from myself (internal problem with a persistent seroma). But precautions would be wise. Tend to agree about planes, he might be fine in Thailand and then sit in front of someone on the plane home who sneezes and coughs for several hours!  Some advice on sensible precautions from your GP or oncologist seems the best way to go.
  • Nadi
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    I would ask my oncologist. After my first chemo I was neutropenic and got an infection from who knows where. I was on antibiotics in hospital for 6 days in isolation. This was NOT a fun experience. It's hard to know if you will pick up anything regardless of how much care you take. I hope you are lucky and don't. But if you do get to hospital asap.
  • melclarity
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    @Michellebella I understand your concern, but I really wouldnt worry to be honest. When I started Chemo, I was working in a Special needs school with lots of sick children constantly, and I thought I better not go in through chemo and my Oncologist said nonsense! be hygenic and wash your hands, you have as much chance of picking up a bug at the Supermarket as anywhere else. Obviously illnesses such as Whooping Cough or such Id steer clear...everything else you'd be fine :) Melinda xo
  • Michellebella
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    Thank you all for the feedback , he picks up colds etc very easily.
    And unfortunately I also have Hashimotos disease , so  I'm already vulnerable..