Secret language

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You could be forgiven for thing we are all discussing some mad sport. Something like a cross between mahjong and gymnastics? 
" I've got a concealed kong of Eastlands and I'm going to do a double overhead flip with rads on the dismount. You?"
"Oh, as far as we know it's a pair of white dragons. Own wind as well. Thinking about a running front layout but might do a back roll instead."
Then the rules suddenly change and we all have to learn a few dressage moves as well...
PS. I don't know anything about Mahjong and we could raise money selling tickets to watch me trying to do a somersault


  • primek
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    I've got a friend who constantly says triple negative whenever discussing anything related to her treatment. No quick catch phrase with mine. Imagine say my estrogen positive prog neg her2 pos cancer ....doesnt need a particular diet ...BTW's  cancer...just the treatment plan is different. Lol. But yes...we becone very adapt at the new language.
  • Hopes_and_Dreams
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    you are right - we can use our acronyms and abbreviations with each other.  Just like a secret language. 
    Not needing chemo, I must admit to being a bit (completely) lost when I read the posts from ladies going through chemotherapy.  It is a whole new language and one which I am grateful not to understand but so in awe of those wonderful women who do.  Jane xx
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    @Zoffiel, I love reading your posts. You have an insanely good sense of humour. And yes it is like a secret language but with your write up I read it and had Roy and HG (comedians)  commentating in my head. Bwahahaha. Xx
  • Cosette
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    It's a whole new language, which is why we have a glossary on our website. And then we abbreviate everything lol.