EBC-46 Cure for Cancer via Blushwood Tree in QLD

Sharon Leigh
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Hi, Following the Channel 7 News story - 2016 - link https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2YJSfsCD3LY
I was wondering if anyone on BCNA network forum actually submitted themselves for the EBC-46 clinical trials? Only 15 candidates are being chosen up to 31/1/2017 - for tumours which are reachable via an injection based in a selected hospitals around some capital cities in Australia.
QBiotics in Brisbane want to patent the chemical EBC-46 which is derived naturally from the Blushwood Tree fruit (found in berry). Watch the video clip to see results on a woman who had melanoma in her arm. Astounding stuff.
Just saddened though that the pharmaceutical industry will again profit big time on the cancer "cash cow".
Why doesn't the QLD or Australian Federal Govt. step in and after the clinical trial results are made known, implement the process of mass production of this native tree (found in tablelands in QLD) and safely extract the poisonous component to help cure cancer (across the world)?
This surely is achievable via natural and govt approved means, instead of the patented chemical which (if approved as a cancer drug) would just line the pockets / profits / shareholders of those in the pharmaceutical industry connected with cancer preventative drugs. Big bucks or big brains?
Go natural - but safely to help cure cancer. Hope?
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  • RNSW
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    Hi Sharon,
    I am not involved in this trial but I did watch it when was on the news a while ago. I found it very interesting and if the trial was successful it would be great if it was widely available.  It is disappointing that cancer is so money driven. 
    I'm looking forward to see the results of the trial!!!
  • Brenda5
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    I was a shareholder in this for years. It was initially for tumours in animals which trials showed were reasonably successful. I thought they would then release it to vets and my shares would be worth quite a bit. It never happened. I ask vets about it and they have never heard of it and its been years. Now its a human trial. I wouldn't hold my breath for an early release. I sold my shares.
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    Hello, does anyone know of any current developments regarding EBC-46?
  • Afraser
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    Sorry haven't heard anything about this. I am also a bit wary about "natural" - I believe both taxol and taxotere are derived from a yew tree and I found taxol horrible!! 
  • HIT
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    A treatment or dare I say cure without chemo / radiation oh yes, yes ... I suppose a lot of our drugs started off natural.  The pharma companies, yes they seem to be cash cows, but I think of it as they have to invest a lot of money to develop new drugs, some of which don't make the grade - but then again they sure hit the pockets when they are on a winner.