Can I have my brain back, please?

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Feeling well chuffed with myself I've gone for my walk and am puddling about in my kitchen. All of a sudden I become aware of this weird feeling down the left side of my head so I blow my nose, sniff, shake my bald noggin about and pull faces. The weirdness persists.
'What new hell is this?' More  sniffing, blowing and shaking. Do I need to start stressing? Googling? What is it? 
Anyway, thiis nonsense goes on for twenty minutes and by now I've convinced my self it's getting worse. Some sort of precursor to a stroke? Why me? Why now? This was looking like a good day...
So I trudge off to the shower with my head on sideways wondering what to do next and the end of my earbud drops out of my ear and rolls across the bathroom floor. Crisis averted.
Seriously. Can I have my brain back please?


  • primek
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    Lol...thanks for the laugh today. Glad it was solved.
  • rowdy
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    Woops glad you are good
  • Hopes_and_Dreams
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    Thank goodness it was nothing to worry about - but it did make me laugh! Jane x

  • iserbrown
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  • socoda
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    Zoffiel, how scary initially!!!! So glad that it was a rampaging ear bud instead and that you got it out!! Xx 
  • melclarity
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    Zoffiel!!! OMG that's hilarious!!! Glad its not just me! Honestly since treatment and its been a year, but I honestly can't think straight. I have conversations and I cannot get the thought through my mouth, theres such a delay! x 
  • kayvie
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    So funny to read- thanks for the laugh! It's amazing where our brains go on sure I have empty space where mine usually resides!!!  B)
  • Kim R
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    Answer, No! No brain, memory and thinking are over rated. You can function quiet well with out them. I have been getting by for 14 months, where has the time gone? Don't know can't remember! Far better to be living and able to laugh at yourself.
  • Toni63
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    oh gosh, such a good read, makes me think I am more normal now... 
  • Share
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    That put a smile on my face :D .

    A bc diagnosis sometimes makes us think of the absolute worst !!!

    See, in the end, it was a good day <3  
  • Ne
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    OH this gave me a chuckle!  I just ask that question today!!  All prepared this morning for my yearly scan at the Wesley, I grab my previous scans and my referral and take the 45 minute drive to the breast clinic.  As hubby (who came along for support) and I walk into the clinic my eyes fall on my referral date...mmmm....13 Feb! 

    I somehow thought today was my date.  I had it in my mind I needed to be at the clinic 23 Jan!...Where is my mind!!!

    Lucky for my hubby just smiled, gave me a caring hug and said "that's ok hun, you take the car and go to work and I'll catch a train home".  Where is my brain?

  • Kathyjane
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    oh dear... I would like my memory back... it seems to evade me on many occasions now post chemo..they say it may never come back... not good for me... .