Happy New Year

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  • Hopes_and_Dreams
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    Thank you Socoda, that's lovely!
    Happy new year! I'm sure many of us will be happy to see the back of a life altering 2016.
    While it has given me challenges I never expected to face and a realisation that my life will always be touched by cancer, it has also shown me the strength I have within. 2016 has given me a renewed appreciation of the simple things in life and wonderful people I share it with.
    Wishing everyone a better year in 2017 - may you enjoy improved health and have happy times with friends and loved ones.  Jane xx
  • iserbrown
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    Thank you Socoda 

    Happy New Year to all.

    Take care 
  • rowdy
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    Happy New Year everyone 2017 is new with a blank page to start fresh xxx
  • Cosette
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  • adean
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    Happy new year to all you wonderful people l hope we all have a healthy new year.
  • cranky_granny
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    Happy New Year Every One 
    Today is not only a New day but the start of a New Year
    No New Years resolutions here 
    Love our-self ~ keep going  
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    And to you. May 2017 bring us joy.
  • Brenda5
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    Happy new year everyone! First lesson for the year, don't think you can tough out a hot flush in a humid warm fish room on a hot day lol. I had to bolt upstairs for a wet t-towel. At least the neighbours get a break from my music from the fish room for  few minutes.
  • Christina 55
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    Wishing everyone a Happy 2017. I am being positive for my bi-lateral operation in 17 days  and yes..... No New Years Resolutions as Cranky Granny said.   Hugs Christina
  • Afraser
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    Happy New Year to everyone. Health, hope and peace to you all.
  • mum2jj
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    Happy New Year to you too!! Thanks you so much for all the continued support you and all the awesome ladies here give to our members.
    Hugs all.
    Paula xx
  • Michelle_R
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    Happy New Year everyone - wishing you all health and happiness in 2017.  Hugs and support to all those going through treatment and congratulations to all those who have finally finished. xx
  • melclarity
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    Happy New Year One and All!!!! I guess there are 2 ways I could look at 2017, awwww with a Mastectomy pending in a few months :( and long recovery OR the final piece and end to this journey finally, and NEW BEGINNINGS!!! Hugs Melinda xoxoxo