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well saw my onc today, and she said my platelettes may never get higher on 100 at moment. said i have thrombocytopenia now.

the elevated enzymes in my liver are not the ones for 2ndry cancer but i am having another blood test done in 3 weeks. she said (Onc) that it more than likely is the bacterial lung infection  and until they find the type it wont improve.

my right lung bottom corner has collapsed since radiotherapy. which i knew. i am now on 4 puffs of ventolin 4 hourly 6 at bed time.

plus predisolone steroids to ease stress in lungs and different antibioticts they have done sputum tests results tomo so should know if on right antibiotics then. 

BUT YIPPEEEEEEE! it's not CANCER what a relief. my GP was worried too. 

the onc dosent want to see me for twelve months now but i see the surgeon 6 monthly. its a weird feeling to not be seeing them for a year. bit scarey actually but i know it is a good sign, just our insecurities,

any way all in all a wonderful report i wish everyone would get these reports ,i did feel a l;ittle guilty for my friends that havent gotten good reports but i know that is silly ,and that they are happy for me, but thats me

i wish good reports and better health to you all

i have one more year on toremefene for the 5 year mark. then they will deciede if its safe for me to stop. 

i agree that it takes a heck of along time to get back to normal health after this. 



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    It is great to get good news and we are all happy for you.  I actually felt guilty when I finished chemo and others were  just commencing.  That's the "love" bond that we all share with each other.  I hope your overall health improves soon.  You should come to sunny Queensland and get some Vit D!!!!!!XLeonie

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    Great to hear the good news fran,must be such a relief.keep up the good work and i hope everything else settles down xx

  • hdubs
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    What a hard road it's been for you Fran. Great that you've had good news.  Hope things get sorted out for you soon.

  • Samantha Cunnington
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    Oh Fran I am soooooooo happy to read this today :):):)

    to not have to worry and just get on with treating the infection..then u can feel better again....I am ticking along pretty well, just a bit of nausea and tummy upset issues so far and managing them with meds feel a bit like an old rattler after about 20 pills a day!! lol

    Again, soooo pleased for you, sending a big congratulatory HUG

    Love to u both

    Sam xxx

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    So happy to hear your good news Fran. Wow what a road you have travelled.

    When my son has a bad asthma attack apart from the ventolin we bring out the prednisolone he calls it  'the big guns' they fix the lungs. There is also a free meditation cd you can get from the cancer council that goes through a breathing exercise that may help.

    Love hearing your good news hope the next lot is better still.