The Best Breast Cancer Blogs

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@Daina_BCNA shared this great list with me and I thought I'd share it with you.

These are the 19 Best Breast Cancer Blogs of 2016 as chosen and medically reviewed by Healthline, a US-based provider of health care information. It includes US, UK, and Canadian bloggers. So, I think we need to create our own list of the best Australian breast cancer blogs  ;)

What your favourite breast cancer blogs, Australian or otherwise? And if you blog, share the name of your blog and link below. We'll create our own favourites blog list  :)


  • lrb_03
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    I've seen this list, and follow some of them. I would love some suggestions of Australian bc blogs, but can't think of any to suggest off the top of my head
  • primek
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    I blog but only to a closed group as I included photos of my journey and didn't want anyone just looking at and commenting on.
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    @ScorpionQueen, you have a blog, right? Although it hasn't been updated in a while (understandably), @Pink66 has a blog too: