Thought I'd share some cake!

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Hi you all may know I turned 50 on the last day of my treatment, 27/10/16! This was a happy coincidence as I had organised a party anyways, but it turned into a DOUBLE celebration. I had an awesome night and wasn't even really that tired! 

My great neice has just started a little business.....she makes cakes.....she is 15 years old.....she started off doing cupcakes but has developed her skills further to tackle larger, I asked her a few months ago if she felt up to making mine for my 50th....she said yep! I think you'll agree IT IS AWWWWESOME!!!!

So, without further ado......I would like to share with you some cake......the top layer is White Chocolate Mud and the bottom layer is Red Velvet.....Enjoy!

Tracy Xx


  • Mira
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    She did a great job!! Well done :)
  • iserbrown
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  • Michelle_R
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    She did an amazing job - love the Wonder Woman theme!  I hope her business really takes off!  x  Michelle
  • rowdy
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    Oh wow that is amazing wonder woman
  • kayvie
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    Awesome cake for a wonder woman
  • Hopes_and_Dreams
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    Wow, what a talent your niece has!  She picked the perfect cake for you!
  • Jess_BCNA
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    Thank you for sharing your amazing cake with us Tracy and a very happy 50th to you :-)
      Jess xx
  • Tracey62
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    Hi Tracy, the cake is amazing and so are you! Sounds like you had a wonderful, well-deserved celebration. 
  • mum2jj
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    WOW She did an awesome job.  Happy 50th wonder woman xxxxx
  • SoldierCrab
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    @ScorpionQueen thank you for sharing cake with us.... I love how it is calorie free for us....  awesome job encourage your niece 
  • socoda
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    Your niece is very talented!! Fantastic!!
  • Cosette
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    Zomg I am so jealous!