Pink Brunch

rowdy Member Posts: 1,165
My week started with my shift for Brecan, then I assisted with a exercise group for Breacan. Friday sold Pink products for Cancer Council and yesterday I had my first Pink Brunch.
Good food and good people, we all enjoyed the day of course we ate to much but enjoyed the catch up.
I have been blown away by the support I received, these people were there during my treatment and still supporting me now.
So at the end of the day we raised over $600
What a week I hope everyone is well.


  • Hopes_and_Dreams
    Hopes_and_Dreams Member Posts: 760
    That is awesome rowdy!!  What a positive, inspirational week you have had :)   Jane x
  • iserbrown
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    Nice to see you should be so proud Rowdy
  • socoda
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    Rowdy, Congratulations!!!! Job very well done. Xx Cath