Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre

GlemmisGlemmis Member Posts: 225
Hi everyone, There is a live video on Facebook of one of the top oncologists from this hospital answering patient's questions. He talks a bit about TNBC which is quite encouraging & immunotherapy. America really are at the forefront of this. They also have an app you can download on herbs which are safe or not to take when having treatment or generally.


  • SoldierCrabSoldierCrab Bathurst NSW Member Posts: 2,467
    Glemmis do you have a link for it ? 
  • socodasocoda LeumeahMember Posts: 1,691
    Thanks Glemmis! What a wonderful forum!! The specialist is wonderfulky down to earth and I particularly liked his little giggle about cheating on a diet!! :D Fantastic to know about the app too cause it would be so frustrating to use some herbs and have an adverse side effect . Xx Cath
  • MiraMira I live in my computer .... Member Posts: 415
    Soldier Crab, try this link.
  • GlemmisGlemmis Member Posts: 225
    Thanks Mira for posting the link, didn't think of that!  
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