what a sham!!!!!

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It has been 5 months since my diagnosis... recently I was contacted by the cancer council and was so excited to be informed about the mindfulness programme and the lovely lady that told me she had booked me in was delightful and I got off the phone looking forward to the package she promised would be sent out to me explaining of the course etc. She told me 12  people would be in the course and what to expect and I felt excited about starting the course and meeting the other participants. However....... one hour after receiving the package in the mail I received a phone call from a cancer council councellor introducing herself and telling me about available councelling. Then.... I mentioned how I was looking forward to the mindfulness course only for her to tell me I'm sorry that has been booked out for months you can not do that course and that was that... mmmmm how very disappointing and especially to be booked in and sent a confirmation..   Seriously if I am not fragile enough it nearly made me fall and sob. I guess being so emotional since my diagnosis normally I wouldn't worry about something like that but not now I do.. And I did.  

Then she said you can come to one on one councelling with me.... UM NO THANKS.... Damage done..  Think I will steer away from the  Cancer Council they promise but don't deliver.  Last thing I need is that patronising woman telling me to be strong etc etc when she probably has absolutely no idea what it is like to have cancer. I believe each and every woman on this forum that has BC could comfort each other way more than someone who has learn't the art of patronising from a text book. Thanks Cancer Council..... for nothing.


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    Hi Sam. What a horrible experience especially at a time when you are feeling so vulnerable. I can totally understand how that would put you off.  I  had a very different experience with the cancer council. I rang them when my emotions got the better of me after repeatedly failing to get back to work. The man at their 'intake line' was a cancer survivor himself and totally 'got' what my issues were. They arranged for me to have another woman with breast cancer provide me with peer support which was great. They also arranged for me to have a trained counsellor call me for 6 hourly sessions. Then they put me in touch with a financial counsellor as I was having problems with lack of income from not working, and finally they helped with legal services to sort out my will. The counselling was good but as you say it is the women on this network that provide the best comfort - they 'really get it' as we are all going through the same thing.  Since dealing with them they have rung me asking for feedback about their services. Perhaps you could give them feedback to let them know what you experienced so it doesn't happen to anyone else and so that they can improve their communication.
    Sending hugs, Nadine
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    Hi Sam I'm also sorry you had such a bad experience with the Cancer Council.  I can only say I had a different experience. Iwent to the C.C in our local area and the gentleman couldn't be more helpful. I had been having anxiety attacks and he gave me 2 c.d s on relaxation and mindfulness which I found very helpful. He also put me in touch with the lady who organization classes at the local hospital run by the Cancer  council. They have quite an extensive program but they are sometimes booked out as there seems to be so much need for these classes. They do send me emails when new classes are available and keep in touch. So I have no complaints. I believe the BCNA have a phone counseling service you could try that. Sending love hope you are coping  Wendy h 67
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    Hi @Sam09. I'm sorry to hear that you've had a negative experience with Cancer Council. I imagine that this is an isolated misunderstanding. They're a terrific and important organisation. I encourage you to contact them. I'm sure they can resolve this issue for you.
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