who goes to the Activity tab above

SoldierCrab Member Posts: 3,446
HI all regulars do any of you read the Activity tab above .... I have just been in there and there are heaps of unanswered queries on there..... not sure if they are getting any answers in other spots.... @primek


  • SoldierCrab
    SoldierCrab Member Posts: 3,446
    I should say I had time and have just been looking around a bit more tonight .... concerned some people are not getting support if they are posting in there and no one is actually seeing it.... 
  • Deanne
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    A couple of those posts have also been posted in the Discussions area and have received lots of support. Looks like one was meant to be in the Reconstruction group. I was looking in the Activity area occasionally but most of it seemed to just be about badges so I stopped. I guess we just need to keep an eye out and point people in the right direction if need be. 
  • Ann-Marie
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    @Soldier Crab thank you for replying to some of the posts in the activity tab. We do check this each day. Most of the time it is new members joining or badges given but some questions do slip through and it's great to have another set of eyes there. As Deanne mentioned some members have posted in the discussions area too. Thanks again for all your support. X
  • Brenda5
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    Actually this site is so fast now I just look at new posts and hit the back button and into the next post. Its so fast its great! Sometimes I don't comment as its a treatment or a question I have no idea on and don't want to confuse the poster. I do look at notifications and then look at the thread to see.
  • melclarity
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    I actually don't go to the Activity, I go to the Home buttom and it lists all recent posts/discussions and I sift through anything I feel I can contribute. 
  • primek
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    I've been  checking the boards and reconstruction boards. Thanks for the tip of the activity one.
  • mum2jj
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    Oops haven't been checking there. Will try and remember too though. Paula :)
  • iserbrown
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    No!  only tend to look at what's on the front page here or if there is a notification or message in my inbox.