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I am to start Taxol next week & I am nervous as I have heaps of allergies.  Also I am losing weight since I started the AC.  I don't know if my body can still handle 12 Taxol.  Just trying to get some support from here as my family are all living overseas. Friends would come & visit but only when they can.  Please pray for me. Thanks


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    You will get a premed before you start taxol and for most people that is enough. They run the 1st one slowly. I had a mild reaction which was quickly sorted. After that I had a higher premed for a couple then reduced. Taxol is quite different from AC and most people find it much easier. I got very tired on it...but that was after many treatments. Ask to see a dietitian if tbe weight loss continues.  You can do're halfway through now. Take care. Kath x
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    HI Kimmi we are here for you.... Just be aware of any side effects and make sure you contact the BC nurse or Oncologist etc if you have problems.... 
    I have so many allergies they dont fit on my alert band..... and I tolerated Taxol.... for 6 cycles then we had to stop because of neuropathy. 
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    A lot of doctors are now telling patients to combat weight loss, those UP and Go drinks are the ticket. My dad is having chemo and those drinks are about all he can take.
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    Hi Kimmi,
    Wishing you all the best for your Taxol treatment and along the same lines as Brenda's comment Sustagen also is good. Xx Cath 
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    Hi Kimmi,

    Taxol wont be as difficult as your AC, eventhough I had FEC I found Taxol different to the first lot of treatment. Take each day and each treatment as you go and relay everything to your medical team. I had a hand reaction to Taxol, rash but it went away once finished. I also suffer allergies, so your Team will well on top of everything. You will be ok!! Hugs Melinda xo