Gonna be OKAY

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Hi all. Been missing a few days since my old laptop refused to start any more and I had to buy a new one. Been trying to tame the Windows 10 and OneDrive all week and I also toggled Cortana so all good now I think.
A little warning, watch if you reload saved photos or documents (especially the nude breast ones which Microsoft will outlaw) that OneDrive doesn't automatically pick the data up and upload live online. It also slowed the laptop right down with all the data it was uploading so make sure you turn the auto load off on OneDrive.
I found a new song from thepianoguys called OKAY and now I think at least my new laptop and I are going to be OK too. :)


  • Mira
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    Welcome back!  I've got my nudey pics in a separate folder to the one that OneDrive flashes up on my screen ... or at least I hope it doesn't automatically pick them up :)