Eyebrows shapes, dare to try something different?

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Firstly, just want to remind you that  "You are still beautiful" so what ... you may be bold and hairless - Bold is Beautiful.  Look at all the new born babies!!

I was reading Better Homes and Gardens, Aug 2011, the beauty section is featuring eyebrow

"Get your brows shipshape and you'll lift your whole look - no Botox required!"  Yep ... agree.

Some of us are lucky to keep bits of our eyebrows, some of us get to try some new ones towards the end of our chemo days.    I found out that there is an art to both - darkening the little we have left ; drawing a brand new one.

Well, since our eyebrows are little light, it might be a good time to try different brow shape - who knows you might liking it ...

Lets start with: How to size up you brows

Eyebrows have their own characer - use thise as a guide only.

D: Starting point of your brows = holding a pencil against the edge of your nose, pointing directly upwards.

E:  Your Arch = holding a pencil on the other edge of your pupil.

F: Outside edge of your brow = hold the pencil against the edge of your nose, pointed to the outer corner of your eye.

Find The Perfect Match / Try Something New?  It is up to you :)

Basic Shape Sketch

soft angled






Soft-angled brows ==> versatile, suits almost anyone. 

** The arch is defined but the point is kept soft.

Rounded brows ==> this shape accentuates heart-shapred and narrow faces.

** With a soft curve and gentle arch, these are quite full in the inner corners.

Curved brows ==> square or angular faces, heavy jawline.

** This strong shape helps to balance features such as heavy jawline. It also has a curved line towards the arch, which helps to soften stronger features.

Angled brows ==>suits round faces and helps balance a square jaw.

**These have a strong shape because of the shap angle at the arch.  The straight lines help to draw the eye up and down the face, therefore lengthening it.

Straight brows ==> Long face

** Basically horizontal lines that slope gently upwards to a subtle peak, this brow shape needs strong definition, not plucked thin lines, as the strenth is needed to help shorten the look of a long face.

Best Brows for your face shape


To Lazy ... Here are some options

Beautician:  book  a brow make over, get them to draw the brow the suits you best.  Then it is a matter of practice from there. Amy's tip:  Before you leave, ask the beautician to make a stencil for you.  (bring your own tracing paper / baking paper - incase they don't have any)

Amy's tip: OR when you get home, Before you wipe the brows, lay a small piece of baking paper on your brows, and trace them.  Wowla, here is your stencil for next time.

Buy a Stencil: I found this site, they ship internationally for about 4USD.


Eyebrow Wig: well you can spend $35 to $60 + shipping cost, and buy a stick on (Human hair!!) Eyebrow wigs



I think you can also get them in Priceline

Here is a site I found through my research on the web - http://www.chiquel.com.au/prodcat/31/Eyebrows/product/565/Eyebrow-Wigs-Women-Soft-Angled-Medium.aspx

Other good sites I found worth reading, because they get to the point:




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Have fun girls !!