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I feel very fortunate to live in a country that offers a high level of medical care and treatment, and in particular of course, that related to breast cancer.

After the initial shock of diagnosis (nearly 2 years ago for me now), I have come to learn about the various "pink" organisations that are out there to provide a wide range of services and support.  The 4 main ones each have quite different roles (Cancer Australia - Govt funded providing information and education; National Breast Cancer Foundation - community funded raising funds for bc research to hopefully find prevention and cure; McGrath Foundation - community funded, helping to provide Breast Care nurses for care and education; and BCNA - community funded to provide support and information, connect women, and represent/advocate for women for whom breast cancer is/will be a part of their lives).

Of all of these organisations, BCNA has had the most impact for me - its focus is on me as a woman, rather than the cancer, and I've really appreciated this holistic approach. Right from receiving the My Journey Kit, the Berlei bra and soft form, through to the online network connections, BCNA is just wonderful.

I have made some wonderful and lifelong friendships via the online forum and attending support group lunches, and will be ever grateful to those wonderful women who first got BCNA up and running.

Thank you xx 


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    I have found this forum very helpful too.  I also like Bosom Buddies which has a monthly morning tes near me in Canberra.  What a lovely group of kind, caring, sharing women.  It's nice to meet some survivors face to face.  Karen 

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    Hi Alison,

    Totally agree with you. Having an organisation with a focus specifically on the person affected by breast cancer has helped me in so many ways, particularly having access to this amazing online network where so much support is freely and generously given.

    As someone who had a HER2 positive tumour, I am also very appreciative of the lobbying that BCNA do to give women like me access to life-saving drugs like Herceptin and for their ongoing work to try and improve the support available for those diagnosed with breast cancer. Thank you BCNA. Jane xx