Welcome new members!

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A great big welcome to all our Community Liaisons, Advocates and Member Group contacts who've joined the site in the last few days.  It's great to see you here.

We'd ask all new members to please read our Network Terms of Use and Posting guidelines.

Once you have, here’s some suggestions for what to do next:

  1. Complete your profile so others can find you and connect
  2. Visit the BCNA blog regularly so you can stay up-to-date with the latest activity
  3. Start a blog of your own
  4. Check out what people in your network are doing
  5. Start up or join a group to find others who share your interests or experiences.

If you get stuck, or need some help, then click on the 'help' or 'q&a' links at the top right of the network page.  Or visit the "getting started" blog and ask a question there.

Please remember that by registering to participate in this network, you agree not to post anything that is deliberately misleading, discriminatory, abusive, obscene or illegal. BCNA reserves the right to remove, move or close any post or user content for any reason.

We also recommend parental guidance for users under the age of 18. Our experience tells us that young people benefit from family discussion of the issues around breast cancer, so if you have a parent who has been diagnosed with breast cancer you should talk to them.

In addition, the network is for personal and/or private use. It must not be used for commercial or promotional activities.

One last thing: Our site is currently in a testing stage, so there are some features we’re still working on. We hope to have most things up and running for the public launch, but we’d really like to know how things are working for you, so please feel free to leave a comment here once you've had a chance to look around.