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Firstly I wanna say my day started out amazing. Went to BCNA Camberwell for a focus group & meet some lovely ladies and everyone at BCNA Camberwell made me feel very welcome. Nice to put a face to some ladies on here. 

I found it very helpful & hope some people are helped because of our focus group. 

Then went straight to work. (started back at work last week) only doing 9 hrs a week at the moment & everyone at work has been amazing & my area manager has just given me whatever I need. The support is very appreciated & I know not everyone is looked after in the same way. I may not get my manager position back at the end of the day and that bothers me some, but then I look at it from another point of view & think my health is more important and I'll worry about it then if that happens. & I think everything happens for a reason. Even this terrible disease that was given to me, there is a reason I just dont know it yet. 

Then I came home & couldnt wait to tell my husband and call my parents to tell them about my great day. Opened the mail and there was a letter from centrelink saying my payments have been cancelled and I flipped.... I know I can be very emotional at the moment and I do see a counsellor to help me with that as I'm usely very happy, bubbly and calm person. I called centrelink n cried on the phone to the poor bloke on the other end, then I yelled at him, he was very rude and called me unreasonable and some other things. Then he continued to tell me I had to go into Centrelink office.... GRRRRRR! One I was there n waited a while finally got it all sorted n my payments are back on again.... not that I call $100 a week much of a payment, but every cent helps but now I wonder if its worth it... I have to go have more surgery in a coupla months - to finish my reconstruction and I need another month off work. But all the paperwork they make me do & all the time I spend it there. They keep sending me all these letters that are just crap saying do this do that. and its making me VERY stressed out!!! It makes me crazy and i feel all the times I spin out of emotional control is when centrelink tell me to do silly things. I cant explain all the things they have put me thru since my first surgery but believe me Its rediculas all the hoops they make me go thru n people on the doll get more than me and I'm sick, it frustrates me sooooooo much. If I did not have a strong support system and u guys on here I would surely loose the plot.... 

I think the last thing we need after dealin with diagnosing, tests, treatments etc..... is this crap from centrelink. Has anyone else had similar problems & that can give me any advice.... 

Or if u think I'm just blameing centrelink because i'm hiding from something else... please tell me.... 

I'm not afraid to ask for help when I need it. lol... 


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    hahahaha! Tonya yeah I've offered to pull up my top n show em why I'm there for and their like no need we can see everything on the computer about ur condition.... which ofcourse just frustrates me more.... Its like they accuse me of trying to take advantage of their services.... grrrrrr...... their bad bad people & I hope I can complain loud enough so it changes for people in the future, coz this is the last thing we all need... 


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    Hello sillysam!

    Sorry to hear your day became really crummy, but I'm so glad you enjoyed your time in the office - it was so nice to have you here and meet some real-life Review & Survey Group members in the skin! Sharing your personal story and experiences with breast cancer and finances has really helped us in putting together the content for the next edition of The Beacon so thank you!

    Hope to catch-up soon,



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    Hi Silly sam :)

    Yes, Centrelink can be very unreasonable! And they definatly dont even care (some of them) that we have breast cancer. One person over the phone to me had the nerve and said "so that's it?" Im like "I think at the age of 27 thats enough health issues for one person!" haha BUT just think $100 is better than nothing ;p

    And there is a group called LEAP meeting in Camberwell Melb. Do you go to that? Ill be attending the next one in july.

    Hopefully the next few days are going to happier for you :)

    xoxo jo xox