BCNA is recruiting bilingual volunteers

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We are currently looking for bilingual women who have been affected by breast cancer that are interested in becoming volunteer BCNA Community Liaisons.

BCNA’s network of volunteer Community Liaisons around the country raise awareness of the impact of breast cancer and the support available for people affected by breast cancer by sharing their personal stories.

A current priority for BCNA is to improve information and support available to people affected by breast cancer from diverse cultural backgrounds. Integral to the success of this work is strong connections with the communities. To date we have trained 16 volunteer Community liaisons from 9 different cultural backgrounds. These women have actively raised awareness of BCNA in their communities, assisted with resources development and community events and have shared their stories in the media among many other achievements.

We are currently seeking other bilingual women who are interested in becoming Community Liaisons. We invite women from a range of culturally diverse backgrounds who are interested in the role to apply. We are particularly interested in recruiting women from Mandarin, Vietnamese, Serbian, Macedonian and Arabic speaking backgrounds as we will be increasing our engagement with these communities in 2016.  Women with experience working in the multicultural sector are also encouraged to apply.

You can find out more about the role and view the application form here-

For more information please feel free to send me an email or give me a call on 1800 500 258.

Anna Higgs

Cultural Diversity Officer