Spam posts and reportable network activity

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Hi all,

We are again hearing reports of an increase in spam activity right through the world wide web, and have had some here, in our own Network, too. So I'm reposting the link to the tip on how to use the 'report as inappropriate' function which you should use if you see any spam posts or comments.

You can find the post here:

I want to reassure you that we are monitoring network activity closely and have best-practice measures in place that  block 99% of all spam attempts. Unfortunately it's inevitable that some will creep through and create a nuisance.

Our primary advice is that you should not respond to any spam posts or messages and do not give out any personal or private information to someone you don't know (including your email address). Please do let us know if you receive a spam message, providing the users name so we can ensure their access has been blocked.

Thanks to those of you who have reported inappropriate activity recently and in the past, and thanks also to everyone for your patience.