Pre-Admission Day Thoughts

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Two appointments this week with the first being my pre-admission with the anaesthetist and hopefully one of the surgical team as I have a number of questions that I am seeking answers for, some my breast care nurse was able to answer, others not.  Three hours the letter recommended I set aside for this appointment.  Just as well I have nothing else planned to do today.

Tomorrow I return to the hospital for my carbon injection and have been assured that despite the two weeks gap between tomorrow and when my surgery is booked, the carbon will still enable to minute second lesion to be detected.

My BCNA "My Care Kit" arrived yesterday - I was just expecting a post-surgical bra and not all the other pieces of information including the Pilates DVD.  I've stopped attending my Powerflex class (a cross between yoga and Pilates) on Wednesday evenings due to cold weather as the class is held outside.  My biggest fear at the moment is getting a cold or something that will delay my surgery. 

As I am currently not working and unable to look for work until I have a better idea of post-surgery treatment etc, the sooner all this can occur and I can attempt bringing in an income again. Until then, I am on a steep learning curve with respect to budgeting and not looking forward to my Centrelink appointment (also happening tomorrow) to ascertain whether I am entitled to any benefits.  I have always worked and have always been able to work so the mere thought of having to "sign on" has been both humiliating and humbling.  I've even finally sent off my Citizenship papers after living in this country for nearly 25 years in the hope that that may put me in a better position once I come through all this and contemplate the direction my life is to take.






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    Hi Lunanore, it's all happening like a whirlwind for you. I have resigned from my job as I was travelling 1 Hour each way, and the only option was full time. I made the decision to work on my health first. It's a tough decision, but I think for me it was the right one in the end. I hope that your surgery and follow up treatment goes smoothly for you. Take care, Tracey B ??

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    Hi, the pre-admission does take a couple of hours but I felt that it was good because it helped me mentally prepare myself a little better. I have had my surgery and they took out the lump and lymph nodes. A week later I went back to the surgeon for the results and was told I need chemo & radiation. Seeing both oncologists next week. From the time of your surgery it will be 4-6 weeks before they do anything else. The waiting is hard because like you I have always worked but had to stop as I think it is important to focus and what needs to be done. Wishing you the very best xo