Drinking increases the risk of BC exponentially

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So I read in ABC news today that drinking increases substantially the risk of contracting bc by 20% That's got to be bad news for those women that drink more than (not estimated measure) however I would assume be less than what an average man would drink since women have more water as a % than men in body mass

So it wouldn't be much to cause hormonal imbalance and create fertile ground for cancer cells to develop. By all means it doesn't mean that most women contracted bc through drinking kind of stigma like lung cancer is link to smoking but experts point at that relationship or correlation

Anyway it's all in research studies done by expertes not me. The article can be read on ABC news 2nd April 2011



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    Hi Louise

    Thank you for your reply

    Just statistics however it does not tells us how and when the data was collected so to my interpretation yes there would be a risk associated with heavy drinking but not with moderate drinking.I am sorry about your encounters with cancer my wife like you she is also a very moderate person yet she has had cancer a number of times inspite her moderate drinking (a bottle a week) and excellent diet (fresh foods, fruits and red meat) over her whole life. Yet the disease struck her badly and there was not statistical inference to say she would have to fight this over and over. So to us statistics are just another possible random indicator. This statistc may be relevant to the person that drinks way above average of one or two glasses a day and that puts her in higher risk category however it may not necessarily follow from that she will get bc or  close to it. Such person will have a 20% higher chance. So yes! excessive drinking lead or may contribute to the onset of the disease but not causing it if my interpretationis are correct.. Loiuse you may safely assume you'd be in the very the low category. If bc strikes again it will be for other reasons rather than excessive consumption of ethanol.

    Best wishes to you and stay away from hospitals