New Groups

  • This is a private group for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples affected by breast cancer.
    2 discussions 10 members
  • This is a group for young women affected by breast cancer. In relation to treatment, the breast cancer world generally refers to pre-menopausal women…
    6 discussions 74 members Most recent discussion: Social Media by LucyE June 26
  • This is a private group for discussing sexual health and emotions during and after breast cancer. We cover a lot of issues, including the effects of …
    67 discussions 100 members
  • This is a private group for leaders of online network groups.
    17 discussions 23 members
  • This private group is a place for women to connect, help make decisions & share their experiences of breast reconstruction through words and pi…
    1,132 discussions 1,278 members
  • This is a private group for people living with metastatic breast cancer (also called secondary and advanced).
    336 discussions 479 members
  • This is a public group for Christian diagnosed with breast cancer to discuss their faith and how they find strength and comfort in the Scriptures. Pr…
    47 discussions 75 members Most recent discussion: Feeling grateful by au0rei June 25
  • This is a private group for BCNA staff members.
    1 discussion 11 members
  • This is a private group for BCNA's volunteer community champions. BCNA volunteer community champions are BCNA-trained Community Liaisons, leaders o…
    209 discussions 247 members