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Hi All, I was diagnosed with IBC on 18/10/11.

Had the usual treatment, including Herceptin & Tamoxifen. Was going well until I was diagnosed with brain mets on 20/6/14.

I had a 3cm tumour removed on 24/6/14 and 10 treatments of WBRT. I have a few lesions on my meninges and 2 on my spinal cord.

My prognosis isn't very good but I have hope.

A doctor told my mum because I had such a good response to radiotherapy to my breast there's no reason not to expect a good response to my brain.

I'm currently very weak because of the steroids and nauseous from the WBRT. I'm just waiting for normal to kick in so I can have my quality of life back.

I'm over being sick and tired and my kids who are on 13, 10 & 3 deserve a mum who can take them to school/daycare, come to their sport and help them at home.



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    Dear Suegan

    How brave you are, and how resilient!  I'd be a mass of jelly trying to deal with all that!  I am so sorry you feel so weak all the time - do you have people to help you with shopping, school runs etc? If there's anything at all I can do to help, please let's know. 

    I have had a double mastectomy and have mets in my lower back, which thankfully hasn't changed since my first diagnosis in 2010. I get tired quicker now, but still have a day looking after my delightful grandson, I'm secretary of the Northern Breast Cancer Support Group, & I play piano for two little sessions a week at a secondary college.  I do drive, but can't go far.  Happy to use pubkic transport. Are you in Melbourne?

    Anytime you want to vent on here, this site is all about sharing and caring. Write more-be in touch, and know you have support here.


    Love and hugs


    PS  check out my onlinee groups & feel free to join if right for you xx

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    Hi Kathleen, I'm in sydney and I'm very fortunate to have a huge support. My family help me out with the kids, housework and school. My sister lives around the corner and is available at a moments notice and my mum is unbelievable. The mums at my kids school have a roster and provide dinner to us every night. I can't believe the generosity and compassion of people. Of course my husband is fantastic as well. I'm just waiting for the time when I can start doing the things I used to do and get back to my part time job which I absolutely love. Sue
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    hi Suegen

    its not easy being sick and having children. I have two children 5 and 3 and I have secondary breast cancer so I understand how frustrating it is to be missing out on all the normal activities other mum's can achieve. Your children deserve YOU, whether you are sick or well. They will love you no matter what state you are in, so try not to despair. Sure, you may not be able to do all those things you want to, but  you are alive right now so try and live in the moment and not the future or the past. Its a hard thing to do, but you will find much more peace in the 'now'. Don't listen to a prognosis, ever. They are often wrong. You must keep your mental health positive, and if you are in Melbourne I can give you the name of contact if you have exhausted conventional treatments and want to try some other avenues, to help boost the immune system.

    Chin up.

    Kind regards

    Gee gee

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