Has anyone heard of the "Move" programme through Calvary Hospitals?

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I was speaking to my onc (at Calvary Hosp) last week and saying that I thought I needed access to a whole raft of programs - programmed excercise, cording, phsych, nutrition, (and the list goes on).  He said that Calvary run a programme called Move and that he would refer me to see if I liked it.  Now, I'm guessing from the website that it's definitely not on the freebie list and I don't want to use up all dwindling benefits so wondering if anyone else has used them and what they think?

Any other good programs eastish of Adelaide would be good to hear about, too.

I'd like to access Encore next term but just don't think the late time slot is going to be able to work for me as it would involve getting kids back from town and then going back down on the only occasion that my husband has any outside contact.

And am I ever going to be able to touch type again!!!!????


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    Okay so possibly part 1 of plan in action with exercise physiology.  I'm really keen to improve my fitness and make a strike against any damage to my heart caused by chemo (given I've got a double whammy of bad genes on that side) so I've put in train a plan for that.  I still need real nutrition, cording help and psych but this mob supposedly have it so let's go!
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    Would it be possible to see if any of the Universities have student led clinics? One of my local uni's has them, you're generally seen by a 3rd or 4th year student, overseen by one of their lecturers, who's a qualified professional (physio, exercise physiologist, dietician etc) at a fraction of the cost. Worth at least looking into
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    Thanks @Irb_03 - I've got a referral for this one coming up and it's supposed to be all covered so I'll see what happens.
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    Hi@sister The following links also may be helpful to tap into to assist recovery and improve health and well being 
    Regards Riki

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    @Sister The following link may also help as it includes Exercise programs as well as trials.


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    @Sister and for the over 50's. The following link maybe helpful for some.  .... please don't let the name put you off ie COTA (Council of The Ageing).  They are involved in delivering a really good strengthening exercise program at a very reasonable price. 

     I am doing a class for $5.00 for one hour.  My personal trainer is also an Exercise Physiologist at the place I go to near me (an outer suburb of Melbourne), he also is involved in EX MED.  The program is called Living Longer, Living Stronger.

     Every state seems to have COTA, for anyone else over 50 that may be interested in looking up for themselves.

    The following link in for S.A.


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    Here is the link for EX-MED Cancer ..... exercise program information etc. for Melbourne.


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    Thanks!  I'm currently getting a referral through to Move as that's the mob that work most closely with my onc centre as far as I could tell.  The COTA at Waterworld would have been interesting @Joannie as that's not too far away and involves water but alas, the pool will close soon.
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    You are welcome @Sister I hope all is going well for you now that your port is sorted.  All the best with the Move program.
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