Temporary hair loss but not forever alopecia

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Hi Ladies,

I’ve just caught up with tonight’s Married at First Sight episode. There is a lady on there called Gabrielle who just had tell her “husband” that her beautiful hair that he likes is actually a wig as she has alopecia.
 My heart sank when she told him the truth as  as she didn’t know how he would react. 

As a single 31 yr old post chemo I find it so hard to tell the guy I’m talking to about my wig that hides my short pixie hair. But you know what we can be grateful for ?? That we don’t have permanent hair loss. Our hair grows back, although sure it seems like it takes forever but it does grows back. But unfortunately women like Gabrielle have to live with a wig forever to hide their completely bald heads. 

Moral of the story, yeah it’s been a hard road for us women and men who have been through chemo and the horrible side effect of hair loss, but remember it’s only temporary and there are people far less fortunate than us. 

Sending positive vibes to everyone going through different stages in this cancer battle. 

Cynthia xo


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    As a thread on this site notes, in some rare cases, hair doesn't grow back. It has been heartening to see the hair tyranny for men slip away -  the No 3 clippers option or shaved is now entirely acceptable instead of the toupee or the combover - well, apart from the President of those United States. But not for women. I realise that many women have a strong identity link with their hair, but when you have been bald you get an insight into the lives of others permanently affected and that hair is not you or your life. 
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    Hair loss was a huge loss for me. And until now I still struggle with it. I didn’t know that some women have been affected with permanent hair loss as I haven’t seen those threads @Afraser
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    I had a colleague years ago who had alopecia. She was very elegant and stylish with a wig and scarf ensemble but would never have done the Sinead O'Connor thing! Neither would I, my scalp
    has too many bumps and scars! But I have huge admiration for those who can and do. I was lucky, I didn't have too much concern about losing my hair but I really didn't like the way I looked older bald! 
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