Perjeta access as second line treatment for HER2+ MBC - suggestions please

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I was diagnosed with MBC in Nov 2011 (first diagnosis: mets to liver, bones, lung & brain), and have been feeling very well for years on Herceptin.  However, this month, there has been new growth in the breast & supraclavicular lymph nodes - so there is some cancer that has become resistant to Herceptin. 
I would like to begin Perjeta (pertuzumab), but this is currently only financed on the PBS as a first line treatment.  I'm ineligible as I've already had a HER2 targeted therapy... even though Perjeta wasn't available back when I was diagnosed (insert frustrated eye roll)!!!
Has anyone in a similar situation had success in getting subsidised access to Perjeta and would like to share how please?  (To pay privately, I'd need to pay $6269 for the first dose, then $3197 every three weeks after that, which is not sustainable.)
Appreciate any suggestions or stories of successful access for those of us with HER2+ MBC diagnosis prior to Perjeta coming on the market.  


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    Hi @KeelyB Whilst I'm not in your position I cannot believe the idiocracy of this.
    Perhaps your oncologist can contact the drug company directly and request they consider you a special circumstance. I know they have done this for others requiring treatment for Estrogen cancers. It's worth asking if they could consider this since perjeta wasn't available when you first started treatment .
    I guess they  may offer to test  and see if improvement is noticed with the  addition. The cost is out of most people's reach otherwise. Hope they will try for you. Your bc nurse might be able to help push this for you. 

    Also..will they re-biopsy these  areas to ensure no pathology change? ..I believe sometimes cancers can do this and therefore require a new  plan of attack. 
    Kath x
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    Thanks Kath @primek
    We did a biopsy and the pathology is still HER2+, so no change there meaning it's become resistant to Herceptin.  We are trying to find the contact at Roche to write to and explain the situation... fingers crossed we get a compassionate response!  The existing company access programs don't appear to apply to my situation.
    Appreciate your message, thank you.
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    Oh my this is just so not right. @primek has some good suggestions and hopefully @bcna can advocate for listing on the PBS. I'm hoping you receive a compassionate response from Roche.
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    Here's hoping Roche will respond. Please update us how you go. X
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    Hi@KeelyB just to let you know we at BCNA are looking into this also and will let you know how we go asap.
  • KeelyBKeelyB Member Posts: 7
    Thank you so much @Riki_BCNA
    It is great to know we have this amazing network behind us!
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    Keely, I am in a similar situation in that i have been treated with Herceptin alone for over 5 years. It is still working for me, but I have ben told I won't be able to add Perjeta. However I understand it is the combination of Herceptin and Perjeta that is proving (slightly) better in trials. If herceptin has stopped working, which seems to happen to many eventually, Perjeta alone wouldn't be enough. The next option for Her2 women is Kadcyla, now on the PBS.
    That said, good luck with contacting Roche. It might be an idea to search for trial results in regard to adding Perjeta after Herceptin fails.
    Best wishes... Pam
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    Thanks Pam. 
    Yes, Kadcyla is an option, but I'm being told by oncologists that Perjeta + Herceptin + Taxol would be the best option.  My children are still only 7 & 9 years old, so I'm quite honestly looking for maximum extension of my life with minimal side effects so we can all get on with life.  Ordering these available treatments in the most effective order is my priority to maximise longevity...  We are considering surgery too, in case that will also get me extra time before starting a new systemic therapy, as Herceptin is currently keeping bones, liver & lungs under control, while I have growth in the supraclavicular lymph nodes only (per the latest PET scan).  There are options, just trying to wade through the research and advice for the "best" option given my treatment goals.
    Best wishes to you for your ongoing treatment!! 
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    Will be following, Keely - best of luck!.... Pam
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    Dear Keely and ladies

    This is Kathy from BCNA's Policy Team. I am sorry to hear about your situation Keely. I want to explain why Perjeta is only listed on the PBS as a first line treatment.

    The Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC), which is the committee the makes recommendations to the government about which drugs should be added to the PBS, considers a number of different factors when making its decisions. One of these is the efficacy (effectiveness) of a new drug and whether it is better than the current standard treatment. The PBAC evaluates findings from clinical trials to make this decision. The original clinical trials for Perjeta trialled it as a first line treatment only, so the evidence to support its use when the PBAC made its decision was in the first line setting only. To have it listed on the PBS as a later line treatment, clinical trials would need to show that it is better than other available treatments and Roche would need to make a new application to PBAC. 

    If you are still considering whether to pay for Perjeta, you might like to ask your medical oncologist why he/she thinks it is better for you than other treatments that are available through the PBS (such as Kadcyla) and how superior it would be to other treatments. You could also ask how long he/she thinks you might be on it - this would help you to work out what it might cost you.

    Please feel free to call our Helpline and talk to one of the nurses if you think it would help you to talk through this decision with someone.

    Best wishes


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