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Hi I think I have joined this group I actually find this website a confusing sometimes. I am 44 ( for a few more days) diagnosed last may with early breast cancer. Lumpectomynthen radiation now on tamoxifen.  Getting hot flushes and killer periods so thanks for that.   Also just diagnosed with Graves' disease that I have started more tablets.  


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    Hi @DearB have seen some of your posts on the main forum. Welcome! I've just turned 40. Large multifocal IDC, no nodes but involved margins and vascular invasion. ER + PR+ HER2- Right mastectomy, TAC chemo, 6wks Radiotherapy, Tamoxifen, Palbociclib on a clinical trial. Sometimes I love posting and responding and will do so heaps. Othertimes I withdraw into my own self-pity. No one here takes it personally. Ask away, vent, just babble. Many here to read and respond
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    Hi there, just turned 45...... kids 13 and 10, so just getting me time back and get BC instead!!!! Thankyou Cancer!! Having chemo first, to shrink the blasted thing..... had one AC, feeling nervous going back for my 2nd shot this Thursday........have felt rather good for the last 10 days or so, but am dreading going into a slump after round 2! The people on here are most supportive and have so much knowledge, and its okay to vent, as they just get it,  others without the big C, have no idea....and some people just look at me so earnestly......... I am determined to enjoy every second I feel good...... to counteract those dark days!!!!

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