Sorry seriously last one for today would you tell Work

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umm I am on a six month probabtion. Which I have been several times they love me and they have been super supportive of the appointments I have needed to go to so far for bc.    I don’t know yet but I am assuming I will have appointments now for graves thingy.   Should I say something or just keep low key until after March.   I feel like I owe them honesty but I also don’t want to freak them out.  


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    Honestly...they don't need to know this one. I've never missed a single day at work fue to being unwell from it. I did tell my boss at one point as I thought maybe it was why I wasn't coping with the horrendous work loads. Hindsight is a wonderful was the figgin workloads. I've since left that job but I was in it over 13 years. Just tell them you have a specialist appointment and I always get a medical certificate unless you can wing it on days off etc. My appointments are via telehealth now so I do it at lunch.
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    I don't know what is involved with tests and treatment for graves, but I think at this stage, best not to speculate on time off that you may or may not need in the near future.  
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    @primek lol to the workloads, and just why may I ask were you not a pack horse  :#
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    Agree @Joannie. Sometimes we think we a Superhuman.  I often think it was the friggin stress from that job that caused my cancer. I'm such a different person now. 
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