5 years

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I am a couple of weeks ahead of exactly 5 years but I had my breast tests today and all is well. So one step. Next one is my heart check up (got a slight problem, possibly from chemo) but I am pretty sure I am fine on that front. Then my oncologist in about 7 weeks to see if anything nasty is happening in the rest of me!!  Bit by bit...........................


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    Chipping away bit by bit...........sounds like you're on the road to good news all around!!
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    Congratulations! It's always such a relief to get good results from your scans.
    I know we are all different but what usually happens after 5 years?
    I've just ticked off my 4 year scans and I meant to ask what I can look forward to after next year but I didn't. I was initially told I would have 5 years of follow up with my oncology team (which seemed like forever back then...) and now I'm wondering what comes next?
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    Good question. I know I will not continue Femara (my oncologist thinks 5 years is enough) which will  be a Good Thing!  My breast is practically transparent (gets less dense as you get older) so apparently no need for ultrasounds, just yearly mammograms (I prefer ultrasounds, but see their point).  Oncologist next steps will depend on what transpires re bloods and bone density.  If all is well, I assume I am let off the leash with my surgeon and may be post May when I finish Femara, with my oncologist. 

    Unless anything goes pear-shaped. What happens to others will of course vary depending on the original diagnosis, surgery thereafter (I have had no reconstruction), genetic factors, etc.

    I greatly admired the staff at day oncology when I was having regular treatment, and have dropped in a few times to say hello. People dropping in looking well and with hair cheered me up, so...... But time passes, staff change and I didn't feel any emotional disconnection as I moved on. I doubt if I will this time either - I am very fond of The Boys (as I call my surgeon and oncologist) and wish them everything good, they have been terrific, but I will also be happy never to go near a cancer specialist again, if I can manage it. Not keen on Christmas, but if all goes well, I may make an exception this year. Trip to France for next year.

    That's the plan. A few steps to take yet. Fingers crossed.

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    Excited for you and yes it will seem weird being set adrift after 5 years but it will be wonderful to do so. 
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