Chemotherapy delay

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I had 2 lumps removed from my right breast 16 years ago, had no problems until June this year when I had a mammogram and ultrasound and although no lumps were found, my right lymph nodes looked unusual. I had a fine needle biopsy and it came back that there were metastasised cancer cell in my lymph nodes. I had umpteen tests but nothing showed where the primary was. Two weeks ago my right axillary lymph nodes were removed and the results showed the primary is in my breast. They are going to give me chemotherapy then i will have a right breast masectomy.
The chemotherapy is due to start towards the end of September and my question is will it hurt to delay it for  few weeks. I am turning 70 and my family had arranged a cruise. I dont want to jeopardise my recovery but i would like to go on the cruise (which is for 8 days).
I would be interested to hear some opinions from other women who have been through chemotherapy.


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    My chemo was delayed by 11 weeks post surgery. My Onc said the time frame they work in is 12 weeks.
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    Check with your oncologist. But unless he/she has serious reservations, I'd be tempted to go and enjoy yourself before starting treatment! It's hard to tell how you will react to chemo till you start, it's seriously varied. But even if your chemo is three weekly, you may not be at your best to go during treatment. Good luck.
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    Check with your Oncologist as it is very individual with each persons cancer. 
    My surgeon and Oncologist wanted me to have Chemo within a 6 week window after my lumpectomy and my mastectomy within 6 weeks of my chemo finishing.
    They also wanted the Radiation within 6 weeks of mastectomy surgery, and were not happy about delays. But that is just my particular case.

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