Otis, again

ZoffielZoffiel Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 1,645
I'm currently tapped into the wifi at Kez's Hideaway in Redesadale Victoria. This is just one of the Otis Foundation homes available across the country for people have had treatment for breast cancer in the last twelve months.

If you have been sucked into the BC vortex, please do yourself a favour and get onto the Otis website and have a think about having a break. The properties all have self-catering facilities so you will only be out of pocket for your fuel/travel expenses. I simply could not afford to have four days away if I had to pay for accommodation--this is just fantastic.

Mind you,  we did have a splurge day. We travelled to Daylesford and coughed up for entry to the Sanctuary at Hepburn Springs. Oh yeah. It was blissful. My poor partner wasn't quite so relaxed as I kept going to sleep in the salt pool--it was one of their quietest days this year and we had most of the baths to ourselves. So, I'm snoring with just my snout out of the water while himself has hold of my ankle to stop me floating into anyone else who dared enter. I also spent a bit of time napping face down on the spa lounges while my poor battered old foobs got a workout.

Do it. Just do it.


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