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hi everyone I've noticed a few members are heading to japan in late September and thought I would start a thread to see what others are doing there. I'm heading off in early October for two weeks and really looking forward to leaving cancer behind and starting afresh. I'm spending a couple of days in Tokyo and then making a base in Kyoto .really looking forward to the very fast train and crossing fingers that people speak English particularly if I get lost. I'm also attending a maiko dinner, visiting mt Fuji and hopefully visiting an onset. Hope to see some of you in japan! Lyn


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    @Cyclo you will love Japan. It's an amazing country. Tokyo is fabulous and Kyoto is just beautiful. If you get lost just ask, the people are so wonderful they will walk you to your destination (I'm serious) :)
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    Osaka is also lovely, with its castle and terrific aquarium and close to the temple precinct of Nara. So much to see in Japan! 
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    yes, I agree, my son was there for 2 months this year and found the Japanese very helpful and polite. He unfortunately had a ski injury and was 12 days in a Japanese Hospital however it was world class and excellent care ( not that you need to try) Most speak English in the cities and will love you visiting their country
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    We spent 3 weeks there last year before I was diagnosed and it was incredible. We started in Tokyo, then went to Hiroshima, Kumamoto, Kyoto, Osaka and then back to Tokyo. We can wait to go back. Let me know if I can help with anything. 
    Make sure you visit the Bamboo forest when in Kyoto. Mel xx
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    Japan is an amazing country, so many contrasts between the super modern and traditional.  And very law abiding and safe. We lived there for 4 years in the 90's and make a trip back usually once a year.  My husband teaches Japanese and every two years we take a school excursion of 26 students (13 - 17) for 2 weeks.  Next one is April 18 - we self organise and run the trip ourselves so I'm in the planning stages now :)  I love seeing the country through the students' eyes, it really makes me appreciate everything afresh!  

    Tokyo is a great city for walking, lots of little side streets to explore.  You will find the best restaurants off the main streets.
    You can do a day trip to the Fuji national park (google Hakone Free Pass), lots of interesting transport on the circuit - zigzag railway, cable car, ropeway and pirate ship!  There are some spectacular views of Mt Fuji if the weather is kind.

    Kyoto is beautiful with so many lovely temples to visit.  A couple of other must sees in Kyoto are Arashiyama bamboo forest and a day trip to Himeji castle about 45 mins by bullet train.  This year we are travelling with friends and are doing something new in Kyoto.  We are hiking from one mountain village to another (about 2.5 hours) and will be having an onsen when we reach our destination.  It will be good for the sore legs!

    Also, consider getting a Japan Rail Pass.  We picked ours up last weekend and it was $327pp for 7 days.  We are only going to Tokyo and Kyoto and it was a saving of around $300.  You can check train times and prices on hyperdia.com which is the Japan Rail network site.

    It doesn't matter if you don't speak Japanese.  Most signs are also in English and everyone is so helpful and gracious.

    Sorry, I've prattled on a bit!   Jane x

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    Thanks everyone for sharing your stories and ideas for things to do. I'm feeling excited now after a year of ups and downs.  Now I see that  North Korea has sent a missile over japan and hope the tensions die down before I go. Lyn 
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    hi hopes and dreams are you walking with a guide on the mountain walk or are you doing it alone?  Is it a well  know track. I would like to walk the nakesendo one day . 
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    Hi @Cyclo, it's our first time doing this walk but I believe it's fairly well known and runs between two small towns. It's lined with temples and also a little Buddhist restaurant which I am keen to try.  Great vegetarian food I've heard.
    Unfortunately I expect we will have lots of company so no chance of getting lost.
    Yes, I'm also watching the news! We leave 3 weeks on Monday.
    Make sure you go to Gion in Kyoto to see geisha.  Theres a few beautiful streets in the Gion which are lined with wooden buildings and lanterns. It's like stepping back in time. If you go late at night (after 9) you should see some geisha moving between engagements. They are just lovely but very elusive!  Jane xx
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