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Today I attended the Look Good Feel Better and not being a makeup person was hesitant to go. It was a great day and my self esteem was lifted. To think volunteers can help Cancer ladies feel good about themselves was amazing and we all looked so much better, those with hair, without and with a tiny bit growing! I recommend this to anyone and the best part was knowing you are not alone, we are all at various stages of treatment! Inspiring


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    Yes ..a great night out and fun.
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    How do I get on this? It sound like fun... Ange
  • iserbrowniserbrown Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 2,284

    Here you go put in your postcode to find one somewhere near you!

  • CassinaCassina Member Posts: 62
    I applied on line and was encouraged by the Cancer Council Volunteers to attend and they can give you the brouchure! Well worth it! Even before you buy a wig or wear a scarf the wig lady was extremely helpful and gave us all so many tips! She was able to come to your home and she said, do not buy a wig without trying size and style first, also scarves suit many now days and there are wig libraries.

    She showed us how to tie scarves and many creative ways to care for you hair and look and feel good, She was non judgemental and very positive! She could just tell what suits and what does not by looking at the bald heads! I think they are National and receive donations and all the girls volunteered their time! Well worth it!
  • CassinaCassina Member Posts: 62
    After the session, they took a photo and I did not even recognise myself, so used to being bald! It shows life after losing your hair is possible!
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    Thanks for the link to the site @iserbrown I've registered for a session next Monday. Looking forward to it!! Ange 
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    Great angg66, that was quick! I hope you enjoy! take some pics
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