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A few of you have mentioned a port? Im choosing a bilateral mastectomy and recon using my pec mustcle and some other tissue thing and then expanders. (Op 1). Then go back and expander removed and implant put in for op 2. I was hoping for just 1 op but its not possible.  I hear people mentioning a port? What is that for and how long after of are you in hospital for please? 


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    Hi Shorelle, a port is something that they insert into your upper arm or under the skin on your chest. Mine was inserted into my upper arm, just under the skin. It acts as an access point for chemo, blood work etc rather than having numerous attempts at accessing your veins for the same procedures. Mine was put in under a General anesthetic and once treatment has finished they will have to remove it.
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    Okay so its got nothing to do with the mastectomy then? 
  • Kat09Kat09 Melbourne Member Posts: 139
    No,nothing to do with Mastectomies. It's used for Chemo and targeted therapies and the like.
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    I'm getting one shortly as my veins decided to hide. And I was getting much anxiety from all the pricks - lol so happy days to come
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    I'll be requesting a port if I need chemo. I had an angiogram last week and was pricked 12 times before they finally got a vein. Four Drs and two nurses. My arms are covered in bruises now.
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    Oh no. As of it isnt tough enough without that happening. Xxx
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    I get staggered about the difference between oncology wards and virtually everywhere else in the medical system when it gone to getting a needle in a vein. I got through 6 months of chemo, and a further nine months of herceptin alone without a port although for most of that time I had only one arm to use, blood tests and all. But a small bit of surgery, and in spite of a warning to a very sure of herself nurse, that my veins weren't all that cooperative we had four tries before handing me over to the anaesthetist. Not suggesting you don't get a port, but my experience has been that oncology nurses are much more practised and much better at it!
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    I have very deep veins and have a lot of trouble - even upcoming blood tests are leaving me worried. 
    Often I have been attended to by an emergency room doctor as they are very experienced in getting to the veins of people in all sorts of conditions and they are quite confident.
    If chemo is on your schedule then just be guided by the people taking care of you - they will suggest a port if they think one would be better during your treatment.
    All the best for your mastectomies and reconstruction.
    Summer  :-)
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    I have a PICC LINE  in for my chemo and it the best thing I ever did, no more needles. My nurse had a hard time for my  first weeks of chemo so she suggested the port, it's in my arm and all they have to do is connect the line with syringes or the drip , painless. Let's me say we go thru enough pain and unease  with treatment and side effects anything we can do to lessen that is a godsend 
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    A port is a great idea but not offered to everyone, hardly anyone in my ward had them. Generally if you are Her2 you would get it as treatment is a further 12 months on Herceptin. I didnt have great veins but got through. Trick is hydration day before and keeping arms HOT before you get to your infusion :) x M
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    When I was in hospital last year for three months for an infection post a hip replacement I had a PICC line put in. It was a godsend as I was on constant antibiotics. It did break down a couple of times and I had to have a new one put in but that's because the drugs they were using were so strong I am told. I have awful veins and it always takes a few times to find a vein. Even then they often scarper away so I'll definitely be asking for either a PICC or a Port. I'm not suffering more than I need to with this Cancer.
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