1 year down 4 to go

ChanelChanel Member Posts: 69
Hi Ladies
i got a clear report this week for my yearly Cancer tests , so happy to get good news.
i hope you are all going well and send you lots of love and healing . Xxx Peta 


  • melclaritymelclarity Member Posts: 3,059
    @Chanel wonderful news congratulations! It is a lovely feeling as you get through each year. I do think after my experience however, they shouldnt stipulate at 5yrs...just let women focus on each year. 
  • Ann-MarieAnn-Marie Member Posts: 1,158
    @Chanel this is fantastic news x
  • RomlaRomla AdelaideMember Posts: 1,238
    Very pleased to hear your wonderful news!xo
  • AfraserAfraser MelbourneMember Posts: 1,480
    Good news! I have my fingers and toes crossed for the 5 year test in 6 weeks orcas. It comes faster than you might think! 
  • Molly001Molly001 Member Posts: 416
    Wooohoooo! Awesome news & here's to the next 4 being awesome also!
  • ShorelleShorelle Member Posts: 80
    Great news. The thought of these tests each year makes me feel absolutely like vomiting.  Im not sure how Im going to cope each year. Do they do the full ct and bone each year?
  • ChanelChanel Member Posts: 69
    Hi Shorelle
    i just had Ultrasound and Mammogram.
    i don't think you need further scans. Your specialist will inform you
    take care and be well xxx
  • Hopes_and_DreamsHopes_and_Dreams Gold CoastMember Posts: 752
    Congratulations Peta @Chanel, that's wonderful news!  It's incredibly stressful but oh! the peace of mind when you get the all clear!!  Wooo hoooo, bring on the next 4 years :). Jane xx
  • melclaritymelclarity Member Posts: 3,059
    @shorelle You only have a Mammo and Ultrasound each year. You don't have any other scans unless something is different or changed. x Melinda
  • ShorelleShorelle Member Posts: 80
    Okay thank goodness because my 1st ct and bone almost sent me mental. 
  • adeanadean Member Posts: 1,019
    For me its 5 years and l still worry. I dont think it ever leaves your mind even though you think it does
  • iserbrowniserbrown Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 2,333
    Best wishes for getting past the first and here's to an all clear!
    Take care 
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