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I found a lump in my breast I'm having a mammogram tomorrow I'm a little scared


  • AineGAineG Member Posts: 53
    Hi,  It's natural to be nervous/scared, but not all lumps are cancer.  Good luck for tomorrow
  • RomlaRomla AdelaideMember Posts: 1,136
    Understand as felt that way myself . Interminable as it is you have to wait for the result.- but glad you found it so can be assessed and treated if need be .If it is bc there are many on here in various stages of treatment who will help you with advice and support - and yes they are still living their lives as you will to.Hoping all goes well tomorrow - glad you found the site as now you know you are not alone - we are with you.
  • future1979future1979 Member Posts: 5
    thank you so much romla
  • ShorelleShorelle Member Posts: 80
    Remember it could be a cyst. I have cystic breasts which were always lumpy. My bc lump I found felt very different though.  Nothing can down play how scary this time is for you. I am still petrified. No matter what,  know this. A bc lump doesnt mean its the end of the road for you. It could be the start of a shitful journey though. If it is, atleast you found it and you will be swept off into surgery quickly. If it isnt well you will be more diligently checking for the future. I hope for you, it is nothing to worry about and you can put it behind you as a bad memory. Xxx 
  • future1979future1979 Member Posts: 5
    thank you shoreline for your support
  • future1979future1979 Member Posts: 5
    thank you shorelle for your great support
  • AfraserAfraser MelbourneMember Posts: 1,462
    Best wishes, we all hope it's noting serious, but you can find a great deal of support and advice here should you need it..
  • NenemilesNenemiles Member Posts: 54
    Best wishes and hope all goes well. I have been waiting 8 mths  for diagnose for a nipple discharge. And in May found a lump had a needle biopsy and that came back begin but with some Buts so see surgeon next week to talk about open biopsy. So I hope yours is all OK and you will get through all the wait. Just breath and it will all work out.
  • nonkyboynonkyboy IngleburnMember Posts: 186
    All the very best for your mammogram tomorrow. The waiting is the hardest part of this journey. I pray yours is just a cyst and not a cancer. No one chooses to join a group like ours
  • adeanadean Member Posts: 1,016
    If it is anything your onto it hope its all good news
  • Brenda5Brenda5 Burrum Heads, QldMember Posts: 1,902
    Like Arnold Schwartzegger in the movie when he said he had a headache with the kindergarden kids and one said maybe you have a brain tumor and Arnie yelled its NOT a toomor. Time enough to worry IF your mammogram turns up breast cancer. Otherwise just chill and stay on course. <3
  • Barney74Barney74 Perth Member Posts: 74
    All the best for your mammogram please keep us posted if you wish x
  • future1979future1979 Member Posts: 5
    I will thankyou
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