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AnnabelleAnnabelle Member Posts: 36
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Hey guys,

Was wondering how soon it is safe to have your legs waxed and have a massage. I finished chemo in April and radiation two weeks ago. I feel like doing something nice for myself but not if its not safe to do so.

Would love to hear others thoughts.


  • ZoffielZoffiel Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 1,645
    I had massages right through, except for a couple of weeks when my skin was breaking down during rads. As for waxing, I'm afraid that if that constitutes doing something nice, this black duck is going to stay miserable :)
  • AnnabelleAnnabelle Member Posts: 36
    How do I change the wacing to waxing. Lol. Clearly my chemo brain is not working.
  • iserbrowniserbrown Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 2,284
    Ask the staff @BCNA and perhaps they can alter it for you 
  • Mrs_HMrs_H Brisbane SouthsideMember Posts: 98
    I checked with my oncologist who said that massage was fine during my Taxol chemo treatment.
  • LITHGOW1950LITHGOW1950 Member Posts: 273
    My oncologist said it was ok to have massages.  Wondering why you need to wax.  I lost 'all' my hair from everywhere! Actually not entirely all from my head.  Go pamper yourself you deserve it.
  • Jess_BCNAJess_BCNA BCNAModerator Posts: 476
    Annabelle said:
    How do I change the wacing to waxing. Lol. Clearly my chemo brain is not working.

    All changed for you @Annabelle :-) x
  • AnnabelleAnnabelle Member Posts: 36
    Thank you xx
  • MKitty68MKitty68 Member Posts: 261
    Did you get an answer about the waxing Annabelle?

    i have lost the hair from pretty much everywhere EXCEPT my legs & armpits! hows that for sucky! Luckily they're not very hairy anyway. I am starting to lose my left eyebrow but not the right one yet & still have my lashes so far, but the hair on my head & pubes were gone around 2 & a half weeks in. 
    I'm starting to wonder about waxing my legs with the warmer weather starting up here in Brissy already. My bf couldn't give a damn if I have a hairy body or not - my head hair is a different matter, he can't wait for that to grow back... me either. My hair was down to my lower back, i miss it so much. 
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