Radiation therapy vs nail insertion

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Hi everyone, 
saw the orthopaedic doctors today for my follow up and check on my humerus. The ct shows a mixed lesion right up in the ball of the shoulder. 
I can either have a nail insertion or have radiation treatment in it. 
I'm more nervous about having radiotherapy than having a nail done. 
So my question is what's everyone else's perception of rads and if you've had it how did you feel? Were you able to still work? Side effects etc? 


  • TonyaMTonyaM Member Posts: 2,523
    Could you have radiation first and then surgery down the track if needed? A few of the ladies in my support group had radiation to the cancer spots on their bones with good results.It relieved the pain and they weren't overly tired from it. It also halted the cancer.I guess it depends where in your body you have the radiation and for how long.Good luck with your decision.
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    Hi Anne, sorry to hear you are having trouble with your shoulder.  It is a hard decision whether to have radiation treatment or a pin. Did you have that same problem with your femur? I have mets in numerous bones including my shoulder which at times is painful. I had radiation treatment on my vertebra of the upper spine as a first treatment as it was pressing on my spinal cord. I am due for bone scans and C T scan of the organs in October. Hoping they are still stable.   I have been on IV .Abraxane now since December, but cope okay.  I know I not much help but I think I would go for the pin as I think radiation treatment thins the bones and the shoulder joint is not a thick bone.  I dont really know.  I have heard that radiation treatment is helpful for pain and shrinking the tumours. I just wish you the best with whatever you decide. 
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    Thanks @TonyaM
    yes, I could have radiation then surgery, if I need to. Just not sure about the radiation that's all. 
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    Hi @wendy_h67
    i know!! So disappointed that the shoulder is giving me trouble now!! My ortho doc said we could do the nail just like the femur was done. But as the shoulder isn't like the femur (weight-bearing) I could just do radiation then see how that goes. I already know what to expect with the nail insertion too. Dilemmas!! 
    Best wishes for stable bone scans & ct Wendy 

    anne xo
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    I had radiotherapy after surgery on my left breast and armpit.Did not find it too bad - was expecting big skin problems as am very fair plus area treated over my heart. Do feel the odd twinge since it finished but onc said is normal and did have a red hot breast for a while but not unmanageable.No lymphodoema as yet. Have been creaming the area 3 times a day for nearly 3 months now which gets tiresome and mucks up my underwear - I use Dermaveen . Did get drowned in tiredness the week after it ended but otherwise ok.Oh and daily trips to get zapped can get a bit much - appointment time varying across the week , trying to find a park , up and back daily.Do I regret it - no - went past in bit of a blur tbh.Am retired but very busy family life with 3 kids coming and going plus volunteer work but didn't miss a beat.Was a bit cushioned though as those around knew my situation.
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    Thankyou @Romla for your input. 
    I don't want to take any time off work or have this interfere with the holidays I've booked either. 
    I'm also fair and I am worried about the burn I may get. I suppose I'll have a better idea once I talk to the rad onc. as well. 
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    I was told by radiotherapy staff that fair skinned ladies usually weren't the worst effected . Also went to Cairns 1 month after and did find I needed to be careful with uv - took a rashie but did not do 8/9 hour stints in the sun snorkelling etc as the rest of my family - could be me but felt even with a Factor 50 raspier  my breast did not like too much heat from the sun
  • RomlaRomla AdelaideMember Posts: 1,136
    Raspier ??? Rashie sorry
  • RomlaRomla AdelaideMember Posts: 1,136
    Think it also depends on how many rounds of radiation you have - I had 16 which is not as much as others have had
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    Speaking from experience I have had two rounds of radiation to my bones. Once after surgery and once for pain management.  I had a few side effects.  I am fair skinned and had no problems with my skin. Can you have radiation first and see if that gets rid of the met.  My best wishes to you whatever you decide. ❤️❤️❤️
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    Hi @Romla
    the irony is I live in cairns!! 
    I'm sure I'll know what to do in a couple of weeks. I'll talk to the doctors and with the info I got from here,I should be able to make a more informative decision. 
    Anne xo

  • Anne94Anne94 Member Posts: 106
    Hi @Scooper
    this time I've got the option to do rads first then if it's still bothersome to do the nail. Because it's not like the femur, which I needed the nail first. Ugh, decisions
    anne xo
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    Gee you could have come and had a cuppa @Anne94-  I did a lot of tapping away on this site in Cairns. - would have been good to meet you.. XO 
  • Anne94Anne94 Member Posts: 106
    Update! I've decided to do radiotherapy. We went through all the pros & cons. I feel good about this
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