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Hi ladies,I am new to the central coast in NSW and am looking for a great doctor who has experience dealing with breast cancer patients. I am nearly at the 4 year mark so still see doctors at the hospital but want a doctor for appointments in between. Anywhere in Gosford to Erina areas.Thanks!



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    I hope someone closer than me can help you. I am nearer Wyong and go to Tuggerah Medical Centre. Dr Vertika Azad. She has apparently had other ladies with breast cancer too. 
    There is a support group lunch at the East Gosford Japanese Gardens on Sunday, perhaps if you went you could ask the ladies there. 
    The information is in another post on here. You do need to RSVP.
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    Thank you.Unfortunately I have to work Sunday but I will definitely see if I can make the next meeting. I'd love to catch up with ladies here on the Central Coast. Tuggerah is fine as I am up in the mountains so it is the same distance. Thank you for her name. 

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    There is Art therapy starting on Monday at the Tuggerah Community Hall in Woodbury Park estate, 10-12. This is run by Cancer Care Central Coast Wellness programs. They also run other programs during the year. I will find the contact details for you. 
    We have done Tai Chi, exercise and information classes and also seminar type programs, a great way to meet other people going through the same stuff and get good contacts.
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    Thank you so much for this information I really appreciate it.
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    Coastcancare wellness program. Tia or Jane - email Give them a call or email and they will send you the current course details. There is an exercise and education session at Killarney Vale at the moment. And TaiChi at Umina Beach.
    Also, don't worry if you have missed the start, you can join any time if there is room.
    I can really recommend it, the physios who run the exercise part of it are lovely, and the circuit is fun, who would have known I would enjoy boxing?
    Jane who usually is there to oversee is really nice and makes you feel very welcome.

    There are usually flyers about the current programs at both Gosford Public and Private Hospital Cancer Centres. 

    Have you been through the Encore program? There is one starting on 12th October at Berkeley Vale. They have a website if you register your interest they will email you the registration forms. I have enrolled.
    It is a pool and land based exercise program.

    hoping some of this helps you to make some connections here.
    regards Jennie

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    I found a flyer for another support group for you.
    I haven't been to this one, it is a bit far for me.
    Gosford Women's Breast Cancer Support Group.
    meeting held last Wednesday of month Erina Fair.
    further info -

    They apparently have a speaker or project each time, such as a Dietitian, card making, Physiotherapist etc.
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    Thank you so much for this information I really appreciate it.
    Thanks again. It is very nice of you to go to all that trouble finding the information.
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    Hi Lana

    I am on the Central Coast, my GP is at Your family doctors Erina and my specialist is Dr Rita Poon at Gosford.

    i am only 6 weeks post op but have found both GP and specialist amazing.

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    I also have your surgeon, she is a bright shining light in this darkness. I am 1 week post op and doing very well.
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    Thanks again! What is the name of the Dr at Erina? Is Dr Poon at the public hospital? I have travelled to the Royal North Shore for my recent check up. I had an infection in my implant so my surgeon on Gold Coast wanted me down there as he thought I would get seen quicker and he use to work there. I am currently trying to see the breast surgeon up here but it is taking a long time. I am 4 years post diagnosis so I am on 6 monthly check ups.

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    your comment above, infection in the implant.  Have you had the implant in since early diagnosis or is this recent?  I hope you get it sorted soon!  Take care
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    I had my implants put in October 2016. I waited 2 years after treatment ended- chemo radiation. A month after I had them in I got an infection. They kept the implant in and I had IV antibiotics for 1 week in hospital. Had another infection in the same implant March this year. Same treatment. The only reason they didn't remove it was because they sensed that my mental state wouldn't handle it ( they were correct) If it happens again though they will remove it. I am mentally prepared for that to happen now. I am just unlucky and it's rare to get an infection. Don't let my story put you off. I don't regret getting them.

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    Thanks Lana - I do have implants.  In the weeks prior to having the implants put in I got a terrible red rash across my breast, in under the arms pits and spreading down my chest.  At this stage I had the expander in.  I spent 5 days in hospital on IV antibiotics and 6 weeks on oral antibiotics, strictly every 4 hours. The end result was it was a topical infection - an allergic reaction to something, which we believe was sorbolene.  When they opened me up to remove the expander and put the implant in I was clean as a whistle internally.
    I do hope that yours has now settled and won't happen again and if it does, as you say, get them out and start again when your body is ready..................what else can you do?
    Take care
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    Dr Poon does work in the public system, but I am not sure how that works for check ups, best ring her office and find out. Her address is 98 Hills St  North Gosford.
    I am a private patient with her, I pay for consults with some refunded by Medicare.
    I know she operates at the public hospital every second Friday.

    You could also call the Cancer Centre at Gosford Public Hospital, and ask how you get onto their list for treatment.
    They have an excellent free psychologist centre there too if you need it, in the cancer centre.

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    Sorry for the late reply Lana, yes Dr Poon works in both the public and private hospitals. I see GP Dr Georgia Page at Erina.  
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