New at Immunotheraphy

Dear fellow group members. I'm new to this group although my TNBC became mTNBC many months ago! In that time I've been caring for my mum and just trying to keep on putting 1 foot in front of the other!!! After trying various chemo treatments and even being on a trial drug CDX-011 & Xeloda, nothing has been able to stop the spread of my stubborn cancer's progression. 
My darling mum died recently and thanks to her generosity I've been able to begin Immunotheraphy using the drug 'Keytruda'.
I'm wondering if any other women are using this treatment and have any comments to share. I did a search here but it didn't show any results. 
Results from USA have shown good results for this drug for mTNBC and it would be great to be able to access it without having to mortgage your house, take out your supper before you had planned, use up your savings etc. I believe this drug is available for Melanoma Cancer and Lung Cancer but apparently the Gov can discriminate against other cancer varieties and not allow them access to what is in my case, the 'last resort'.
I'm looking forward to hearing for others as to their ways of dealing with such issues and anything else you care to share.
Positive hugs.


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